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Your Water Jetting FAQ’s Answered by a Suburban Chicago Plumbing Expert

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Q: What’s the quickest and most efficient drain clog solution?

A: The simplest answer I can give to this question is a water jet.

Q: A water jet? What’s that?

A: I figured that’d be your next question, but I’m happy to answer it! Water jetting is a highly cost-effective drain cleaning procedure that uses pressurized water to clear out drain blockages. Water jets can clear almost any obstructions, and restore pipes back to their original condition.

Q: Are water jets good for clogged sewers as well as clogged drains?

A: Absolutely! They can actually help a great deal with sewer backups. They are powerful enough to break through pretty much any serious sewer line clog – no matter what the cause is. The powerful water will clear the line without causing damage to it, which is an added bonus.

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