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Rooter Service in Buffalo Grove: 3 Amazing Drain Services

Rooter Service in Buffalo Grove: 3 Amazing Drain Services

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You may hear the term “rooter service in Buffalo Grove” tossed around a lot without really knowing what “rooter service” entails. Rooter service actually originated when homeowners years ago noticed tree roots were becoming the major reason for drain clogs, which meant plumbers would often have to devise solutions to eliminate the threat of tree roots from harming a home’s plumbing system. While tree roots certainly don’t pose as much of a threat to drains today, building built over 50 years ago still suffer from frequent clogs due to tree root growth.

If your home is one of these buildings, then it’s time to call Lake Cook Plumbing for the best rooter service in Buffalo Grove. Our plumbers have developed effective strategies to cure your clog problems in an instant. Whether it be tree roots or something else, you can always count on the plumbers from Lake Cook Plumbing to clear it out and allow to enjoy your plumbing.

3 Great Solutions from Our Rooter Service in Buffalo Grove

Our plumbers will stop at nothing to ensure clean drains and a working plumbing system for all Buffalo Grove residents. When you do work with us, any of the 3 following drain services will kiss those nasty tree roots goodbye:

  1. Drain Snake: It’s simple, really. Our plumbers can drop a snake down a drain and remove any clogs such as hair or food buildup. A drain snake is a long, narrow piece of equipment that’s highly cost-effective and gets rid of clogs within moments. It can actually break up the substance of the clog and allow it to pass through pipes with ease.
  2. Video Camera Inspection: Are you having a hard time detecting leaks, cracks, or clogs? Then that’s perfectly understandable, because much of your home’s plumbing system is underground which makes it difficult to identify problems and stop them before they worsen. However, we offer video camera inspection which involves dropping a special camera attached to a fiber optic cable down drains to get an up-close and personal look at the source of your plumbing problems. It’s the next level of drain service that can save you from plenty of trouble in the future.
  3. Water Jetting: This solution involves our plumbers sending heavily pressurized water ranging around 60, 000 psi down your drains to forcefully remove any clogs. It’s highly effective and proves absolutely necessary in getting rid of some of the roughest, most dense clogs hindering your home’s plumbing.

Contact Lake Cook Plumbing today for rooter service in Buffalo Grove to experience any of these 3 amazing drain services to knock out tree roots for good!

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