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How Can You Avoid Frozen Pipes in Lake Zurich This Winter?

How Can You Avoid Frozen Pipes in Lake Zurich This Winter?

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Lots of great things are frozen. Strawberry popsicles. Ice skating rinks. Even animated feature-length films celebrating the powerful bound between sisters.

Alas, frozen pipes in Lake Zurich do not qualify as great.

In fact, frozen pipes in Lake Zurich are about as opposite of great as one can reasonable get. Thankfully, with a little preparation and care, frozen pipes in Lake Zurich don’t have to be your home’s fate.

Insulation is Essential

The most important step in prepping your pipes before deep winter sets in is to make sure they are properly insulated. If your home has a crawl space, seal its foundation vents with moisture resistant insulation. Exposed pipes in unfinished basements are also at risk. Help mitigate the dangers associated with freezing temperatures by using fiberglass or polyurethane tubes that wrap around exposed pipes. Take your prevention a step further by applying heat-tape prior to putting on tube insulators.

Check the Outdoors

Avoid frozen pipes in Lake Zurich by draining all of your home’s outdoor spigots. If the spigots are on a separate waterline than the rest of the house turn it off and let the remaining water flow. Also check and seal any holes, crevices or cracks in the home’s foundation.

Keep them Warm

Older homes are not always well insulated. As a result, plumbing located inside an exterior wall has a greater risk of freezing. Open the cabinet doors on the same wall as the pipes leading to your kitchen sink. Doing so will allow the warm air from the kitchen to reach the pipes inside the walls.

If All Else Fails

Even the most fervent Boy and Girl Scouts cannot always prevent frozen pipes in Lake Zurich. That’s why having Lake Cook Plumbing’s number in your smart phone and on your fridge is essential for rectifying frozen pipes in Lake Zurich before the become burst pipes in Lake Zurich. We’re at your service 24 hours a day, seven days as week; so when you need us, call us.

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