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5 Questions to Ask Before Bathroom Remodeling in Crystal Lake

5 Questions to Ask Before Bathroom Remodeling in Crystal Lake

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Know what to ask before a bathroom remodeling for your home in Crystal Lake. Learning which five questions to ask before you start will help make the bathroom remodeling process easier, faster and more cost effective.

  1. What is the schedule? Bathroom remodeling is kind of like putting a play. Certain actors are on stage at specific times. Their lines cue the stage crew to lift or close the curtains and bring in the next set. A schedule that goes beyond a simple start and finish date will help keep your bathroom remodeling on track. You should be able to look at the timeline and know who is working in your home, whether it’s the electrician or plumber, and when certain materials are arriving like cabinets, tile and fixtures. Having a detailed schedule will help you keep track of your bathroom remodeling’s progress and know when timelines are changing.
  1. What is your bathroom-remodeling budget? Thermostatic triple valves, rain showerheads, multiple body jets, and a chromatherapy spa tub all sound pretty fantastic. But… if you don’t have the budget, you’re going to have to reign in those visions of grandeur for an enjoyable, but more practical shower configuration. Your budget is king. Establish your budget before the work begins on your home and do not look at tiles, fixtures or other materials outside your predetermined budget. Doing so, can take a reasonably priced upgrade that will make your home more competitive on the Crystal Lake restate market and turn it into something difficult to control. An upfront conversation with your bathroom-remodeling contractor will help you determine what is realistic and how far your money will go.
  1. How will we keep in contact? One of the biggest frustrations Crystal Lake homeowners experience during a bathroom remodeling comes from not knowing what is going on. Ask your bathroom-remodeling contractor what method and time is best to reach them and in turn, tell them what works best for you. For some people, an evening email update is ideal, for others a midweek phone call will give them piece of mind. Setting up a designated time to chat is another way to stay in the loop. Determining the line of communication ahead of time will reduce frustrations in the middle of a bathroom remodeling.
  1. How will my Crystal Lake home be protected? You shouldn’t have to remodel the kitchen or dining room after a bathroom remodeling in your Crystal Lake home. When you’re dealing with an experienced contractor like Lake Cook Plumbing that has been helping homeowners since 1954, you can expect that steps will be taken to prevent dust-contamination and damage to adjoining rooms.
  1. Which bathroom-remodeling contractor should I choose? Choosing the right contractor is a big decision. Bathroom remodeling is a major investment and you want to work with someone you respects you and your home. Go with a company like Lake Cook Plumbing. We have decades of experience. We’re licensed, insured professionals, not hobbyists. We’re also not the cheapest. If someone is quoting you at rock-bottom prices, they probably don’t know what they’re doing. Your home is worth more than just it’s resale value; it’s about being a safe place to raise your family in Crystal Lake. By hiring a team that is open to your ideas, questions and concerns, like Lake Cook Plumbing, you’re protecting your investment and your family.
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