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5 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Buffalo Grove

5 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Buffalo Grove

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It’s easy to forget about the water heater unless there are problems. While this might suit your lifestyle, neglecting service and maintenance may lead to no hot water when you could really use it. This is a situation you can avoid.

When you need water heater repair, Buffalo Grove is the place to be. Lake Cook Plumbing can keep your water heater going. Even if you receive maintenance on a regular basis, it’s important to be proactive about identifying any problems before they lead to equipment failure. Signs you may need repairs include:

  1. The heater is over 10 years old. For tank-based water heaters, this is a good benchmark because they tend to develop leaks. You might be okay if the unit is not leaking and is not in an area prone to water damage. An inspector will tell you if the water heater has a few more good years in it, or not.
  2. It gets noisy. A rumbling or banging noise can mean sediment has built up in the tank and has hardened. This will trigger noise as the water is being heated. Efficiency goes way down as well, creating wear and tear on the metal parts which eventually causes cracks in the tank.
  3. Water looks rusty. If your faucets are pouring rust-colored water, it could signal corrosion is present in the water heater tank. There could be internal leaks as well. It’s a common problem because minerals in water, combined with heat, are conducive for corrosion and rust. If you have galvanized piping, perhaps it’s not the water heater causing the problem, but you can try draining five-gallon buckets full of hot water from the unit. Rusty water still present by the third-bucket means the problem is most likely with the heater.
  4. Water around the heater. If water is pooling around the water heater, there’s a good chance there is a leak. The tank may be fractured or cracked which is exacerbated during heating as the metal expands. Sometimes pipes, connections, and fittings leak too, so check these before fixing the water heater or buying a new one.
  5. The bills are going up. A higher power bill if you can’t explain why means you should get the unit serviced. Prior to water heater repair, Buffalo Grove homeowners often have an inspector check for problems. An expert diagnosis may identify the root of the problem so it can be fixed.

Buffalo Grove’s Answer to Water Heater Repair

Call Lake Cook Plumbing if you experience any of the above. We will come look at your water heater to check for any problems. If our technicians find anything, they will replace parts or recommend other actions such as replacing the unit with a newer, more efficient water heater.

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