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4 Steps to Shut Down Your AC for the Winter

4 Steps to Shut Down Your AC for the Winter

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AC shut down in Illinois by Lake Cook Plumbing

October is here in Illinois and we’ll soon be seeing the possibility of snowy weather. This means we’ll have to pack up our air conditioners and get them ready for the winter. Properly shutting down your AC is a process designed to protect the outdoor condenser from the snow. Failing to properly shut down your AC means that it’ll likely be unable to work next summer. Here at Lake Cook Plumbing, we can give you the information necessary to properly shut down your AC.

Here are the four steps you need to take to properly shut down your AC:


Finish your repairs

Before you start shutting things down, you should make sure you don’t need any repairs. Check the indoor unit and the outdoor condenser to see if anything needs fixing, such as visible damage or loose seals on the condenser. If you see anything that needs fixing, let us know. You don’t want to let any problems linger over the winter because they’ll only get worse.


Disconnect the condenser from the grid

The next major step requires you to disconnect your condenser from the power grid. Even when the power is switched off, the condenser can still turn on if it has a connection to power and it detects a warm spell. If this happens, the condenser can get damaged by any ice or snow it sucks in. To disconnect it, you need to find and shut off the AC unit’s breaker switch. You can usually find it on the side of the house or near the condenser. Don’t forget about this switch, because you’ll need to turn it back on next time you need to use the AC.


Clean up the condenser

Now that the condenser can’t get power, you should clean it off. Grab a broom and sweep away any leaves and other debris around or on the condenser. Afterward, use a low-pressure spray from your hose to wash the outside cabinet. While it dries, check to see if the filter needs replacing and double-check for any damage. If you notice any damage at this point, keep it in mind and let us know next time you get our help.


Cover the condenser up

Finally, when the condenser is dry, take a water-proof cover and cover it up. You’ll also want to use some bungee ropes to tightly secure the cover so it doesn’t blow away. Both of these things can be bought at a local hardware store. If you have a water-proof tarp, that’ll work as well as long as it covers the entire condenser.


Why call Lake Cook Plumbing to ensure my air conditioner’s health?

For 65 years, Lake Cook Plumbing has offered a wide variety of services to the people around Lake Zurich, IL. With so many years in the business, you can be certain our professionals have plenty of experience. If you’re looking for a new AC, our personable customer service offers upfront pricing and we can get you an open consultation with one of our fully-trained technicians. Call Lake Cook Plumbing today to learn more about our AC services!

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