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5 Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Illinois

5 Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Illinois

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trenchless sewer repair in Illinois by Lake Cook Plumbing

Having one of your sewer pipes break is always a serious problem. However, it can get even more serious if you take pride in your yard and garden. Conventional methods for repairing broken sewer pipes involve digging a trench to the pipes so plumbers can reach them. Unfortunately, this often results in a ruined garden. However, trenchless sewer repair can bypass most of the heavy digging and let us fix your pipes without ruining your yard. Learn from Lake Cook Plumbing why a trenchless sewer repair for your Illinois home might be the right option!

Here are 5 benefits you’ll see by getting trenchless sewer repair for your Illinois home:


Improved piping

When we perform a trenchless sewer repair, we use a special epoxy barrier-lined pipe to replace any damaged ones. These pipes create a “pipe within a pipe” effect that makes them much more resistant to damage. Roots won’t be able to penetrate the pipes, they’ll be more resistant to rust, and calcium deposits can’t stick to the inner walls.


Less expensive

Because trenchless sewer repairs are faster and non-intrusive, you’ll spend less on our labor. Also, since our work doesn’t damage your yard as much as a normal sewer repair, you’ll pay less for having to fix up your yard.


Cleaner and less intrusive

Your property’s sewer lines are usually located somewhere beneath your lawn or garden. This means that most plumbers will have to dig through your flowers to reach your sewer pipes. Also, all that digging will mess up your yard and need professional help to clean, costing you more money. However, with a trenchless sewer repair, we only need one or two small holes to reach your sewer pipes. By doing this, we make less of a mess and cause less damage to your yard.


Quick and more convenient

Trenchless sewer repairs are faster than conventional sewer repair methods. This means we won’t be working on your property for as long. This means we can finish the job quicker and you can get on with your life faster than with the average sewer repair job.


Better functioning

The epoxy barrier-lined pipes we use can make your plumbing more efficient. This is because the pipes we use can protect your system from damage. Also, these pipes get a warranty for as long as you own your home.


Why call Lake Cook Plumbing to fix my sewer pipes?

Since 1954, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing services that allow people to take their plumbing for granted while they concentrate on life. Of course, excellence in plumbing doesn’t just happen. It starts with a commitment to superior quality and continues with keeping pace with all the latest technology, experienced Lake Zurich plumbers who are certified professionals and using only the best materials and equipment. Plumbing excellence is the result of all these things and providing full-service plumbing for timely solutions and emergency repairs. Call us today for more information on repairing your sewer line!

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