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5 Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement

5 Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement

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water heater replacement in Illinois by Lake Cook Plumbing

Appliances like your water heater won’t work forever, and you’ll eventually need to order a replacement. Preferably, you’d like to get a water heater replacement before your current one breaks and floods your home. If you keep an eye out, you can notice signs that your water heater may soon need replacing. At Lake Cook Plumbing, our professionals can help you learn the signs so you’ll know when you need a water heater replacement for your home.

Here are five signs you should call us to arrange a water heater replacement for your home:



Leaks are a common problem with older or damaged water heaters, but you might not notice the leaks if you don’t keep an eye on your water heater. When searching for leaks, check the fittings, connections, and temperature-pressure-release valve. If one of those happens to be leaking, they can be fixed fairly easily. However, if the leak is caused by damage to the tank, you’ll need to get a new tank as soon as you can.


Rusty water

Is your home’s water looking and tasting rusty? There are two possible causes, and you can determine the cause by looking at what kind of water is rusty. If only your hot water is rusty, the rust is likely coming from a damaged water heater. However, if both temperatures are producing rust, the problem is with a pipe in your plumbing. Either way, you’ll want to immediately call for one of our technicians to prevent any major damage. You’ll often see rust around the water inlet or pressure release valve if the tank is rusting. To confirm your water heater’s rust problem, drain a few buckets of hot water from the tank. If you’re still getting rust by the third bucket, then you’ll need a new water heater.


Old age

Unlike fine wine, your water heater doesn’t get better with age. A well-maintained tank water heater can last around ten to fifteen years. This means you should consider a replacement when it gets nine or ten years old. Don’t know when yours was installed? Check the water heater’s serial number and look at the manufacturer’s information.  The serial number can tell you when it was manufactured, but each manufacturer has a different way of displaying the manufacturing date. The manufacturer’s website might be able to help you, but be prepared to do a bit of research.


Strange noises

Major appliances always make a bit of noise when they’re working, but that’s nothing to worry about. However, loud popping, cracking, or rumbling noises mean you should call us because sediment build-up in the tank is making it hard for the unit to run. As tank water heaters operate, sediment can build up at the bottom of the tank, and will eventually harden as it heats and cools. Not only do the heater air pockets make noise,  but the sediment can make your water heater less efficient and make it more likely to crack. If not fixed with flushing and cleaning, the tank can become damaged and start leaking. When your tank starts leaking, the only thing you can do is replace it.


Not enough hot water

Unsurprisingly, your water heater heats your home’s water. When you’re not getting hot water despite having the proper temperature settings, there’s a problem. There are many reasons you’re not getting the right temperature, and a couple are unique to different types of water heaters. Gas water heaters might require you to relight the pilot light while electric models might necessitate a trip to the circuit breaker. Very cold weather also can freeze up your pipes and tank if they aren’t insulated enough. However, if none of those are the problem, you might be dealing with a faulty thermostat, worn heating element, or a build-up of sediment. It’s also possible your water heater isn’t big enough for your home’s hot water demands. In that case, call us up and we can help you find one that’ll work best for your home.


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