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6 Reasons to Call for Boiler Maintenance in Illinois

6 Reasons to Call for Boiler Maintenance in Illinois

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boiler maintenance in Illinois by Lake Cook Plumbing

As winter approaches, we’ve been providing tips for getting ready for the cold. With our help, you’ve shut down your AC units and given your furnaces the maintenance they need. Now, it’s time to give your boilers the Lake Cook Plumbing service! Boilers are just like furnaces in that too much downtime can make them less reliable and inefficient. By getting boiler maintenance for our experts, you can be sure to stay warm during the cold Illinois winter.

Here are six reasons to call us to get boiler maintenance before the Illinois winter hits:


Cut back on energy costs

Unless you have an HVAC system, your boiler uses the most energy in your home annually. Cutting back on that heavy usage by making your boiler more efficient can save you plenty of money. On average, keeping your boiler well-maintained can save you 10% on your energy bills.


Comply with local safety laws

Neglected boilers are known for being dangerous. That’s why local laws often require boiler owners like yourself to schedule regular maintenance calls for your boiler. It’s a bad idea to keep a boiler in bad condition, and it’s even worse when you’re fined for it.


Get the most out of your boiler

A boiler is an expensive investment, so ensuring it has a long life is a good idea. Getting boiler maintenance from Lake Cook Plumbing can help your boiler run as long as possible. The average lifespan for well-kept boilers is about ten to fifteen years.


Keep your warranty valid

Boilers, like many appliances, require their owners to follow certain warranty stipulations to be qualified for compensation. One you’ll often see for boilers is to get regular maintenance from a professional. Keeping your warranty valid can help you save money if something goes wrong with your boiler.


Stay safe from carbon monoxide and explosions

As well as producing heat, boilers are also a source of carbon monoxide. Because of this, boilers are designed with exhaust pipes to safely vent the deadly and odorless gas outside. However, carbon monoxide can become a serious problem if you don’t give your boiler regular maintenance. Also, anyone who’s read The Shining knows what can happen to poorly-kept boilers!


Better energy efficiency and reliability

Complex appliances like boilers can wear down over time. Getting regular maintenance from us will help keep your boiler’s various parts in good condition. This can help your boiler use less energy and avoid breaking down, both of which can cost you money.


Why call Lake Cook Plumbing to service my boiler?

Boiler installation & repair at its best can be found at Lake Cook Plumbing. When the weather outside is frightful, and the fire isn’t proving so delightful, you can turn to our boiler services to experience radiant warmth during the coldest days of the year. We house the latest makes and models for you to install in your home. If by chance they run into issues, we can repair them too. We’re highly adaptable in regards to meeting all the needs of customers across the Lake Zurich, IL area.  Don’t think your home will have room for a boiler? Then we’ll find a way; we’re clever like that. Call us today to learn more about getting your boiler in peak condition!

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