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5 Reasons to Get a Plumbing Fixture Replacement

5 Reasons to Get a Plumbing Fixture Replacement

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Your kitchen and bathrooms are two very different rooms. However, they’re both very important rooms that let you make use of your home’s plumbing system. Whether it’s a shower, a bathtub, or a sink, all of these use fixtures to provide you with water. However, you’ll sometimes find you need to replace a fixture. Maybe you don’t like how your shower head looks with the rest of your bathroom? Or your kitchen sink’s water pressure has been steadily declining. Whatever the case, you’ll need professional help to complete your fixture replacement. But what sort of problems will have you looking at new showerheads?

Here are six reasons you might want to get a plumbing fixture replacement:


Rust and other corrosion

Rust and corrosion are never signs of good health. Cleaning chemicals and hard water are capable of slowly damaging plumbing fixtures and corroding them. Rust is especially bad for faucets, as the rust can get into the water, discoloring it and making it taste bad. Corrosion isn’t something that can be fixed with a simple service call or over-the-counter product. A complete replacement is the only option.



It’s not always about functionality. Sometimes it’s about aesthetics. Kitchens and bathrooms often tend to be very important for home buyers. When selling a home, their owners often replace faded or chipped fixtures with new ones. Even if you aren’t looking to improve your home’s value, getting a fixture replacement is a good way to redesign your bathroom or kitchen.


Leaking and mold growth

A leaking shower head may not seem like something that needs replacing, but that leaking can cost you. Any sort of leaking fixture uses up water, which will increase your water bills. It’s also worth noting that constant leaking can help promote mold growth. Not only is mold bad for your health, but the mold can cause further damage to your fixtures.


Retirement age

You might treat your fixtures well, but nothing lasts forever. If a fixture is nearing its retirement age, you should consider replacing it before it breaks. A fixture’s manual or manufacturer can often provide information on when it should be replaced.


Hard water minerals

If your home has hard water, you’ll often have to deal with minerals accumulating inside and around your fixtures. These build-ups can damage fixtures, reduce water pressure, or even break it completely. The best preventative action you can take for this is to get a water softener for your home.


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