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6 Signs You Need an AC Replacement in Illinois

6 Signs You Need an AC Replacement in Illinois

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AC replacement in Illinois by Lake Cook Plumbing

Summer is almost over, but we still have about a month of high temperatures left. Your AC has been running almost all summer, and it’s still possible that it might break down. Sometimes, you’ll be able to fix it up by calling us. However, there’s always the possibility that breakdown may be its last hurrah. It’s good to know when your AC is close to dying so you’ll be prepared to get an AC replacement. Let Lake Cook Plumbing, one of the oldest plumbing companies in Illinois, tell you what to look for so you can schedule an AC replacement!

Here are six things to look for when considering an AC replacement in Illinois:


A repair would cost too much

Sometimes when you need AC repair, the parts you need will cost too much. If it’s no longer under warranty, it can be even more unappealing to pay for repairs. Buying a new AC can not only keep you from paying too much for repairs, but it’ll also get you a new warranty.


Your AC needs frequent repairs

When AC units get old, they tend to require more repairs to keep them running. If you have one of these old units, all those repairs can easily eclipse the cost of a new AC. Like with the last consideration, a lack of warranty is also something to consider, as you won’t have any help paying those repairs. Simply buying a new AC can generally be much cheaper than all of those repairs.


Your AC has reached retirement age

It’s entirely possible that your AC is getting too old to properly cool your house. The average well-maintained AC, according to the National Association of Home Builders, can last ten to fifteen years. If your AC has hit the double digits, you should consider looking at new models. However, replacing your AC shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. Newer models of ACs tend to be more energy efficient and don’t use R22 refrigerant.


The AC has a refrigerant leak

A refrigerant leak is a major problem for you and your AC. The leak itself represents major damage to your AC and the leaking refrigerant can cause health problems for you and your family. We can sometimes fix the leaks, add more refrigerant, and replace the AC’s coil. However, sometimes it’ll simply be easier to get an entirely new AC.


The AC is making strange noises

Generally, AC units are very quiet, but they can get noisy if they’re having internal problems. Grinding, banging, and rattling noises can represent problems like broken motor bearings or a slipped belt. Letting the AC run for too long while it’s making strange noises can lead to major damage. You’ll generally need professional help to diagnose the problem and provide any needed replacement parts.


Your AC’s air isn’t cool

We can’t speak for everyone, but you probably purchased an AC in order to keep your house cool. If the air your AC is blowing isn’t actually cool, then there’s a problem. There are all sorts of issues that can prevent your AC from blowing cool air. Some of the issues include low refrigerant levels and a broken compressor. Your best bet is to call our professionals so we can help you diagnose the exact issue.


What makes Lake Cook Plumbing the home service company of choice in Illinois?

For 65 years, Lake Cook Plumbing has offered a wide variety of services to the people around Lake Zurich, IL. With so many years in the business, you can be certain our professionals have plenty of experience. If you’re looking for a new AC, our personable customer service offers upfront pricing and we can get you an open consultation with one of our fully-trained technicians. Call Lake Cook Plumbing today to learn more about our AC services!

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