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How Can You Avoid Air Conditioner Problems in Barrington, IL?

How Can You Avoid Air Conditioner Problems in Barrington, IL?

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What would you do without a working air conditioning system in your home this summer? The heat and humidity can be downright oppressive during the warm season, so making sure your AC is running efficiently is a crucial part of ensuring you and your family stay cool and dry. There’s no better way to avoid problems with your unit than regular maintenance — and although it can definitely be a pain, the alternative is enduring the misery of the summer climate. Need some tips on what maintenance is the most helpful? Here are a few tips that other homeowners have found helpful when it comes to avoiding air conditioner problems in Barrington, IL.

Regularly change or clean the filter on your unit.

Residue builds up constantly as your AC brings in air, and though the filter catches it, failing to clear it out can drastically reduce the appliance’s efficiency. The general rule of thumb is to change or clean the filter on your unit twice a year, once at the beginning of the cooling season and again at the beginning of the heating season — but doing this even more frequently can keep it at peak performance.

Check the condenser unit fan.

If you’re dealing with a central air system, be sure to turn it off and check the condenser unit fan every once in a while. Replace any cracked or chipped fan blades you see, and make sure the motor bearings are properly oiled.

Make sure the area around the unit is clean.

Since your air conditioning system is moving air around, it’s extremely important to make sure its space is free of things that could make it more difficult to do its job or contaminate the air with pollutants. For indoor units, make sure that the area is properly dusted and wiped down; for outdoor condenser units, clear the area of cut grass, dirt and other debris, and be sure to cover the unit with a tarp in the winter and on windy days.

A little regular maintenance, which doesn’t even have to take all that much time out of your day, can be the difference between staying cool and dry and experiencing some serious issues with your AC unit. Sometimes things go wrong anyway, of course — and in those cases, give Lake Cook a call. They’re the go-to AC specialists to help you with all your air conditioner problems in Barrington, IL.

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