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Improve Efficiency with These 5 Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Lake Zurich, IL

Improve Efficiency with These 5 Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Lake Zurich, IL

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You need to rely on your air conditioning more than ever, but it can come at the cost of your energy consumption. A high level of cooling in your home may result in high energy costs that will put a strain on your savings. Even if the temperatures outside right now are at their peak, you need to strike a balance between effectiveness and efficiency with your home cooling. But how? How can you possibly save money without sacrificing cooling? The answer is with air conditioning maintenance in Lake Zurich, IL.

If you have yet to call to have your air conditioning maintained this season, now is the time to call Lake Cook for service. We have technicians who can maintain your system to help extend its lifespan and save you money on energy bills. We want to see all of our customer’s experience a high level of cooling this summer without worrying about how much it will cost them on bills. Thanks to our professional maintenance, you’ll spend more time keeping cool and comfortable.

Helpful Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Lake Zurich, IL

Don’t want your summer ruined by energy bills? Probably not. That’s why, in addition to our services, you should take action in ensuring your air conditioning energy-consumption is at an all-time low, including:

  1. When you’re not home to enjoy your air conditioning, dial down your thermostat by a few degrees. Not only will this prevent your air conditioning from working so hard to produce an unnecessary amount of cool air, it also saves you so much more on energy bills.
  2. Install your air conditioning in a shadier area of your home where there is less air to cool. Air conditioning directly exposed to sunlight will work even harder to produce cool air and increase energy costs.
  3. Clean or replace air conditioning filters regularly. Dirty or clogged filters can block air flow. Filters should be replaced regularly to ensure a constantly high level of efficiency.
  4. Before the summer begins, weatherize your home by sealing any air leaks in attics or crawls spaces. Air leaks can lose up to 30% of the cool air that could be otherwise used for other purposes, meaning you’ll pay for cool air you’re not even receiving.
  5. Call for professional maintenance at least once a year. A professional will be able to make any repairs and fix problems in their earliest stages that would grow into something that could impact your system’s efficiency for the worst.

Contact Lake Cook today if you need to improve air conditioning maintenance in Lake Zurich, IL for more effective and efficient cooling.

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