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Ask a Crystal Lake Plumber: Why Should You Invest in Water Softening?

Ask a Crystal Lake Plumber: Why Should You Invest in Water Softening?

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Lake Cook Plumbing has a Crystal Lake plumber who is more than ready to talk to you about water softening. Hard water is water that is filled with calcium and magnesium, and it can seep into your water supply.  Due to its makeup, it can bring some serious damage to your plumbing fixtures including showers, toilets, and sinks. Hard water is also more dangerous to consume, making it difficult to get clean drinking water from your faucet.

At Lake Cook Plumbing, we understand that water in your home should be refreshing and free of any contaminants, which is why we’re ready to install a water softening system.  Our Crystal Lake plumber work hard to ensure residents can enjoy hot water without the looming threat of hard water to ruin their good time. But you must know the dangers of hard water so you know to call for water softening installation immediately.

What Does Our Crystal Lake Plumber Have to Say?

While hard water may not appear like much of a concern, it’s not anything to take lightly. Here’s some dangers of hard water the Crystal Lake plumber at Lake Cook Plumbing thinks you should know:

  • Discolored Water: You know you’ve got hard water when the water is cloudy and murky in its consistency. This is largely due to the makeup of calcium and magnesium hydroxide, which is soluble in water.  Cloudy, murky water can make your next shower or round of dish washing a bit more difficult as total cleanliness when washing with hard water isn’t guaranteed.
  • Sticky Water Consistency: Due to hard water’s chemical makeup, it can actually stick to water pipes and lead to a higher chance of drain clogs, which can only make you spend more money on drain cleaning service. It can also create problems with sinks, baths, toilets, and shower heads. This can leave toilets, sinks, and baths to overflow and creating a huge mess no homeowner in Crystal Lake wants to deal with.
  • Interference with Daily Life: Hard water can wreak havoc on your laundry, dishes, and your health. Daily life can be seriously interrupted due to hard water’s ability to create spotty dishware, stiff, ragged clothes, and make you ill. Your fine dishware and entire wardrobe can suddenly be on blast.

Contact Lake Cook Plumbing today to have a Crystal Lake plumber who can provide you with excellent water softening. Get rid of hard water now!

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