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Ask a Plumber in Bartlett, IL: How Do I Avoid Basement Flooding?

Ask a Plumber in Bartlett, IL: How Do I Avoid Basement Flooding?

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Flooded Basements

As experienced residential and commercial plumbers in Bartlett, IL, we’re often asked by homeowners what they can do to avoid basement flooding. In this blog, we’ll give some general pointers on how to keep your home safe from this costly and unpleasant problem.

What Causes Basement Flooding?

Basement flooding is a common problem that’s nevertheless inconvenient and even costly. Depending on the severity of the flooding and your designated use of your basement, water damages can run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So it’s only logical that every homeowner wants to avoid this problem at any cost.

Basement flooding is usually caused by one of two issues:

A burst pipe. This happens when the water in the pipes freezes during the winter. Since ice expands, it places more pressure on the pipes from the inside out, causing fissures and breaks. Once the water melts, it simply pours through the cracks into the home.

Inadequate drainage. If your basement isn’t equipped with an appropriate drainage system, water can’t run off properly during rainstorms or when snow melts in the spring. That means that as the water table rises, your basement will become flooded.

How to Prevent Basement Flooding

Preventing basement flooding means addressing the two issues above:

  • To prevent pipes from bursting, install insulation material around the pipes. In addition, as soon as the temperatures reach the freezing point in the winter, keep your faucets slightly open so water can drip from them. This will keep the water moving through the pipes, which reduces the likelihood of it freezing.
  • To equip your basement with an appropriate drainage system, talk to your plumber about installing a sump pump. This is a pump that’s installed at the lowest point of your basement and ejects any excess water out and away from the building.

To find out more about preventing basement flooding in your home, contact Lake Cook Plumbing today. And if you’re currently facing a flooded basement problem, call us now for emergency service. We’re here to help you!

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