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Backed Up Toilet in McHenry, IL

Backed Up Toilet in McHenry, IL

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Broken Drain Pipe Will Cause Multiple Backups in Your Home


Having a stopped up toilet in your home is a nuisance for your entire family. Not only are you unable to use the toilet in question, but chances are you aren’t able to use other toilets in your home, either. In addition, a toilet back up could lead to a mess in your bathroom, with water getting into your bathtub and all around the floor – not something you want to deal with.

So, what causes these plumbing headaches?

Reasons For Your Backed Up Toilet

  1. Septic tank: If you have a septic tank, and it’s full or hasn’t been serviced/cleaned in a while, there’s a possibility that could be the cause of your back up. Even if it has been cleaned, if the contractor didn’t check the leach lines you may notice the clog.
  2. Tree roots: Unfortunately, if it’s tree roots in your main line you probably have a bigger problem than just a backed up toilet, but this is a very good reason why you could be experiencing a stoppage. Tree roots will strangle your line so much that there is not much you can do in terms of getting them to release. Your best bet at that point would be to call in a Lake Cook Plumbing expert to ensure that’s what’s causing the problem, and to have it fixed as soon as possible.
  3. Foreign objects: Children’s toys, feminine hygiene products, and other items can easily and accidentally be flushed down the toilet. While some can be removed with a little digging, others get stuck in the line causing you flushing problems and backup problems.
  4. Vent obstructions: If the vent is clogged with outside debris like leaves, tree branches, or nests, then you’ll notice some gurgling and blockages in your toilet.
  5. Broken drain pipe: If you have a broken drain pipe, your toilet, kitchen sink, and washing machine will all have drainage problems. Noticing that you have more than one plumbing fixture backing up is a clear sign you need to call in a professional to have it remedied.

 Don’t try to fix a backed up toilet on your own – call us here at Lake Cook Plumbing to help today!

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