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Buffalo Grove Drain Cleaning Experts: Why We Suggest Bio-Clean

Buffalo Grove Drain Cleaning Experts: Why We Suggest Bio-Clean

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Safe and Reliable Drain Cleaning Solution That We Trust


We don’t want to fool you – we aren’t changing our minds on the use of liquid drain cleaning chemicals. They aren’t good for your plumbing and we don’t suggest using them. However, Bio-Clean is an entirely different story.

Bio-Clean isn’t a harmful chemical full of corrosive substances. It’s a safe and reliable home drain cleaning solution that we trust!

Benefits of Bio-Clean

  1. Within an hour of pouring Bio-Clean down the problem drain, the waste-eating bacteria will start to make its way through the clog.
  2. Bio-Clean can be used in almost every drain in your home. Toilets, kitchen sink, bathroom drain, an outhouse, or even a septic tank. You won’t find another cleaner that’s more versatile.
  3. You get 100 drain cleaning treatments out of one 2lb container, so you can be sure you are getting a lot for your money.
  4. The drain cleaning chemicals you buy at the store, like Liquid Plumber or Drano, do a lot of damage to your pipes over time. Bio-Clean isn’t harmful to the environment or your plumbing. It doesn’t go after live tissue or inorganic material, just the organic matter that’s clogging up your drains.


If us here at Lake Cook Plumbing trust in Bio-Clean, you can too. For more information on this drain cleaning product, call us today!

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