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Buffalo Grove Homeowners: Avoid Drain Cleaning Scams

Buffalo Grove Homeowners: Avoid Drain Cleaning Scams

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When it comes to cleaning out your drains, you’re looking for any inexpensive alternative. You search high and wide on the internet and phone book for the best deal. Getting the lowest price, you think you’ve snagged a deal. Whether the plumber is claiming to be offering a one-time deal or a special incentive for new customers, you’re delighted by how much you’re going to save…

That is, until the plumber shows up and starts the project.

Drain cleaning services are notorious for pulling unethical “bait and switch” routines on their customers.   Here’s how it works:

  1. The customer hires the plumber based upon the ultra-low drain cleaning rate.
  1. The plumber begins to clean the drains.
  1. The plumber insists that there’s actually a massive problem with your pipes, which is causing the clogged drain.
  1. You’re left with a massive bill and a busted budget that’s going to take some time to recover from this “cheap” deal.

Bait and switchers are so intent on upselling you that they’ll try to insist you need a ton of other services to sort out your plumbing. While this doesn’t mean that every plumber who suggests something is wrong with your drains is trying to trick you, it does pay to be wary of a professional plumber who is a bit too aggressive in trying to sell you more services.

How to Avoid the “Bait and Switch” Trap:

  • Be sure to fully understand the price of the drain cleaning service. Ask what it covers, and what the plumber will do if he or she finds any structural problems in your drains.
  • Be firm in what you’re able to commit. If you let the plumber know that your budget is limited, he or she may not find it that worthwhile to try to upsell you.
  • Take note of what the plumber is doing. If the plumber has found “problems” with your drains but hasn’t used a camera or smoke test to determine these issues, you’re in the midst of a bait-and-switch scenario.
  • Call Lake Cook Plumbing!  We’ve been in business for 50 years because we never scam our customers.  Ask for an up-front estimate, and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

Don’t sacrifice quality for the cheapest price possible – when it comes to drain cleaning, it pays to go for a professional with a great reputation. We stand by our word and our work. We have no reason to cheat our customers. Contact COMPANY NAME today for competitive pricing and honest work!


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