The Dangers of an Undetected Plumbing Leak in Illinois

The Dangers of an Undetected Plumbing Leak in Illinois

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plumbing leak in Illinois by Lake Cook

The plumbing that makes up your home is a complex system, and sometimes things go wrong. All sorts of wear and tear can cause a plumbing leak in Illinois. If you don’t realize there’s a leak in your home, it can cause some major damage to your home and your bank account. Just what kinds of damage can leaks cause?

Here’s a list of just some of the things caused by a plumbing leak in Illinois:


Mold and mildew

A big sign that water is leaking in your home is the growth of mold and mildew. Both of these things tend to grow in areas with high moisture and can cause health problems for the household.


Damaged paint and wallpaper

It’s possible for leaks to happen inside of your walls. If that happens, paint can peel or warp, and wallpaper can crack or become discolored.


Stained walls and ceilings

If there’s a leak in your roof, stains may form on your walls and ceilings. The color may be able to tell you what caused the leak. As a rule of thumb dark brown or copper stains tend to be caused by leaking pipes.


Musty odors

Mold and mildew have a very distinct scent. If you smell a musty smell that isn’t normally there from older folks living there, it might be a sign of a leak, and you should call a plumber as soon as you can.


Warped wood

Any kind of leak is very harmful to wood and can cause it to warp. The damage may be subtle, but it’s a good idea to check the wood in your house for curved planks, uneven surfaces, and slight discoloration. In addition, warping can also affect the doors in your home, making it hard to open or close them.



Does it look like the walls are sweating? That’s condensation, and it’s a sign that there’s a lot of moisture accumulating behind the wall. If there’s condensation, the most likely reason for this is because something is leaking behind it.


Damaged flooring

Leaks can damage flooring other than just wood. When looking for leaks, be aware of warped floors, stains, soft areas, loose or cracking tiles, peeling caulk, and damp carpets.


Damaged roof shingles

If your roof is leaking, the simplest way to find it is to check the shingles. If they’re bald, buckling, curling, or missing altogether, it’s likely a sign of a leak.


Cracked garage floor

Leaks in your home can also occur underground. If you notice cracks in your garage floor, an underground waterline may be leaking. Broken pipes beneath your home may also cause soil erosion, causing parts of the house to settle at a lower level.


Warm and damp floors

Damp floors can indicate a plumbing or foundation leak. However, if the dampness is also warm, the problem may be with your water heater. If your water heater isn’t the problem, you might have a sewer line leak. Hot water leaks are a bigger problem since mold grows better with hot water.


Why choose Lake Cook Plumbing to take care of my plumbing?

Lake Cook Plumbing has been helping homeowners around Lake Zurich, Illinois with their home service problems since 1954. We’ve dealt with all sorts of problems, from a plumbing leak in Illinois to major water damage. We work around your schedule to deliver high-quality performance and we provide upfront pricing so you always know what you’re buying. If you need someone who can handle any plumbing problem, call Lake Cook Plumbing today!

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Six Signs That You Need Sewer Repair

Six Signs That You Need Sewer Repair

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sewer camera inspection in Illinois by Lake Cook

Maybe your home is your hobby and you look forward to performing maintenance and doing upgrades on your days off. Maybe it’s an investment in your future and you don’t hesitate to have professionals work on it to increase its value. Or perhaps it’s simply the safe, comfortable place where your family relaxes and you want to keep it that way at all costs. Whatever your home means to you, if your sewer isn’t in good shape, then the truth is that your hobby, investment, safe place, or all of the above could be at risk—and you need to take immediate action.

Do You Need Sewer Repair?

Here’s how you can tell if your sewer might be in need of repair:

  • There’s an unpleasant odor in and around your property. If the sewer line is damaged, wastewater could be escaping into the foundation or the ground around your home. If this is the case, you’ll notice an unpleasant smell. There could also be an unpleasant odor coming from the drains.
  • Water is slow to drain. If your line has caved in or becomes clogged for some other reason, then waste water can’t drain away properly. You’ll most likely notice this with the bath and shower first, then the toilet, and then any sinks. Note that if only one drain doesn’t run off properly, it’s more likely an indication of a blockage in that drain rather than a damaged sewer.
  • There are frequent sewage backups. If wastewater can’t run off properly, then you’ll start to notice the sewer backing up. This is not only unpleasant; it’s also very unhygienic.
  • A noticeable increase in the number of critters around your home. Raw sewage attracts all sorts of unpleasant pests—and those pests attract larger predators. If you start to notice more insects, rats, and other critters than usual, then you’ve likely got a problem with your sewer.
  • There’s wastewater pooling in your driveway or yard. If the wastewater is leaking out of the sewer but can’t run off, it will start to pool in your driveway or yard, depending on where the sewer line runs.
  • Your plants are doing better than ever. If there’s a part of your yard where the plants or lawn suddenly start doing much better, it could indicate a broken sewer line. The plants will feed off the nutrients they capture from the leaking wastewater.

Call a Qualified Plumber for Sewer Line Repair

A damaged sewer line needs to be repaired immediately. If you don’t get it fixed in a timely manner, the leaking wastewater can impact the structure of your home and pose a significant health risk to you and your family. And regardless of how good a DIY plumber you are, this is one job you want to be done by a professional. Always remember to call around for some quotes, and before choosing a plumber, follow up on his or her references or reviews to make sure previous customers were satisfied with the work performed

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5 Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Illinois

5 Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Illinois

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trenchless sewer repair in Illinois by Lake Cook Plumbing

Having one of your sewer pipes break is always a serious problem. However, it can get even more serious if you take pride in your yard and garden. Conventional methods for repairing broken sewer pipes involve digging a trench to the pipes so plumbers can reach them. Unfortunately, this often results in a ruined garden. However, trenchless sewer repair can bypass most of the heavy digging and let us fix your pipes without ruining your yard. Learn from Lake Cook Plumbing why a trenchless sewer repair for your Illinois home might be the right option!

Here are 5 benefits you’ll see by getting trenchless sewer repair for your Illinois home:


Improved piping

When we perform a trenchless sewer repair, we use a special epoxy barrier-lined pipe to replace any damaged ones. These pipes create a “pipe within a pipe” effect that makes them much more resistant to damage. Roots won’t be able to penetrate the pipes, they’ll be more resistant to rust, and calcium deposits can’t stick to the inner walls.


Less expensive

Because trenchless sewer repairs are faster and non-intrusive, you’ll spend less on our labor. Also, since our work doesn’t damage your yard as much as a normal sewer repair, you’ll pay less for having to fix up your yard.


Cleaner and less intrusive

Your property’s sewer lines are usually located somewhere beneath your lawn or garden. This means that most plumbers will have to dig through your flowers to reach your sewer pipes. Also, all that digging will mess up your yard and need professional help to clean, costing you more money. However, with a trenchless sewer repair, we only need one or two small holes to reach your sewer pipes. By doing this, we make less of a mess and cause less damage to your yard.


Quick and more convenient

Trenchless sewer repairs are faster than conventional sewer repair methods. This means we won’t be working on your property for as long. This means we can finish the job quicker and you can get on with your life faster than with the average sewer repair job.


Better functioning

The epoxy barrier-lined pipes we use can make your plumbing more efficient. This is because the pipes we use can protect your system from damage. Also, these pipes get a warranty for as long as you own your home.


Why call Lake Cook Plumbing to fix my sewer pipes?

Since 1954, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing services that allow people to take their plumbing for granted while they concentrate on life. Of course, excellence in plumbing doesn’t just happen. It starts with a commitment to superior quality and continues with keeping pace with all the latest technology, experienced Lake Zurich plumbers who are certified professionals and using only the best materials and equipment. Plumbing excellence is the result of all these things and providing full-service plumbing for timely solutions and emergency repairs. Call us today for more information on repairing your sewer line!

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4 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Illinois

4 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Illinois

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sewer camera inspection in Illinois by Lake Cook

Are your plumbing systems acting strange? Is your toilet backing up despite not having an obvious clog? It might be time to call us for a sewer camera inspection in Illinois! Sewer cameras consist of a camera at one end of a long, flexible rod which connects to a computer to show a live feed of what’s inside your sewer pipes. Call our highly-skilled professionals, and we’ll be able to get your pipes cleaned out. But how does sticking a camera into your pipes help you get your pipes fixed?

Here are four ways a sewer camera inspection in Illinois can help solve your plumbing problems:


Get the right fix the first time

There are a variety of reasons your drain pipe may not be working. Things flushed down the toilet or the sink drain may have caused a blockage, tree roots might have grown into the pipe, or the sewer line may be cracked or disconnected. There’s also the possibility you have a water leak. Each problem requires its own unique solution, and a sewer line camera can help us figure out exactly what we need to do to fix it.


Avoid unnecessary digging

Usually the only way to get a good look at your pipes is to dig into your yard and look at the pipes. Not anymore! With sewer camera inspections, we can offer a non-intrusive way to look at your pipes without tearing up your garden.


Receive a reference video for insurance

When we check out your pipes with a sewer line camera, you also get a video of the footage for your own use. This can be useful if you have to explain to your insurance agency what happened.


Much cheaper

As well as being cheaper and faster than digging for pipes, a sewer camera inspection can help you locate early warning signs of bigger problems. By finding these issues and dealing with them quickly, you can save more money by not undergoing serious repairs.


What makes Lake Cook Plumbing my best bet for sewer repairs?

For 65 years, Lake Cook Plumbing has dedicated itself to building, repairing, and maintaining top-quality plumbing systems. Our employees are certified professionals who only use the best and most modern materials and equipment in their work. In addition, our professionals offer up-front pricing and flexible scheduling for their work. This way, you can be certain of the cost and get help exactly when you need it. If you need professionals to check your sewer pipes, call Lake Cook Plumbing today!

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Water-Jetting a Clogged Sewer

Water-Jetting a Clogged Sewer

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Hydro jetting by Lake Cook Plumbing in Illinois

Home maintenance can take its toll on any homeowner, especially with a clogged sewer. When the seasons change, it’s time to weatherize your home. When the paint on your wall peels, it’s time to pick swatches. A fuse is blown and now you have to worry about updating your home’s electrical wiring. There’s plenty of upkeep in your home, and sometimes there are limited funds to work with. Sometimes prioritizing problems at home is more like a triage. Your home’s plumbing, however, should be a top priority.

Why a Clogged Sewer Can Be A Serious Problem

Nobody wants a malfunctioning toilet, but sometimes the issue is much worse than a slow drain. Untreated plumbing can lead to serious damages to your home and health. The more you wait, the more it could cost the quality of your house and wallet. Here’s why.

  • Clogged pipes can lead to backed up sewage. Undrained pipes can result in your bathroom or basement floor flooded with contaminated water. Not only is the bacteria from the sewage a hazard to your health, if it isn’t treated for right away, it can cause costly damages to your floors, the mold being one of them.
  • A leak can spring at any time. Generally, people treat a slow or clogged drain with a chemical drain cleaner, and sometimes it gets the job done. Using these cleaners, however, slowly eats away at your pipes and causes leaks. If those leaks are hard to spot, the result can be some very expensive water damage and repairs.
  • Untreated plumbing can cost you a lot of money. Depending on how severe the problem is of course, costs to drain or clean a pipe can cost anywhere from $130 to $500. What it costs to clean up a sewer line (when your home has backed up sewage) can cost anywhere from $150 to $900 depending on the damages.

What Causes a Clogged Sewer?

Before you call a plumber, it’s important to understand what causes a clogged sewer in the first place. Sometimes the issue might be as simple as a buildup of food or hair, other times the issue might not too obvious. It’s better to be proactive versus reactive, which means being watchful of your plumbing and taking preventative action. But what exactly causes your toilet to stop flushing in the first place?

  • When no one cleans the drain. Sounds pretty simple, but it’s easy to overlook. Actively cleaning your drains with products or a strainer, however, is usually the most effective way to keep your drains clear and prevent any major clog or backup.
  • When your water heater needs flushing. Mineral deposits can develop over time inside a storage tank water heater, which over time can corrode the tank and affect its performance. Flushing the tank regularly removes the sediment inside and lowers the speed at which the deposits form.
  • When trash or chemicals are flushed down the toilet. What you might think was a safe method of disposing of something toxic, can actually be very damaging to your plumbing. It’s best to throw out the trash in the trash can or send your hazardous materials to a waste management center. It’s also a good idea to keep your toilet lid closed in case something falls into the bowl and the next user unknowingly flushes it down the drain.
  • When you try to fix the problem yourself. Understandably it’s tempting, especially if a DIY fix can save you money. However, it’s best to leave your damaged plumbing to the professionals, as trying to fix the problem yourself could lead to more problems.

The Warning Signs of a Clogged Sewer

When the problem is literally inside your walls, it can tricky to know where to look for the warning signs. If you notice slow drains in your sink or tub, frequent clogs, multiple drains clogging at once, toilets gurgling, bubbles, or a very foul odor coming from the drain- your home’s at risk of a clogged sewer. It’s important to contact a professional if you notice anything wrong, as they can identify, repair, and replace your plumbing with the right tools.

Why You Should Jet Your Drains When The Time Calls For It

There are a few different methods to unclog your drain, but one of the most effective and environmentally friendly methods is hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting cleans your pipes with a high-pressure stream of water. It doesn’t rely on toxic chemicals, like most chemical drain cleaners, and can reach grime that sits on the pipe walls, unlike a plumbing snake. There are a handful of perks that come with hydro-jetting your pipes, including:

  • Clearing up major clogs and blockages.
  • Cleaning the pipes, removing bacteria, and improving the health of your pipes.
  • Removing those pesky tree roots.
  • Prevents future clogs.

What to Expect From Hydro-Jetting

If you need to hydro-jet your drains, that means calling in a professional plumber, who will access the sewer line to perform a video inspection. The inspection is to first check for any broken or damaged pipes. The plumber will then identify the areas and nature of the clogged problem. One the line is inspected and the problem areas are identified, a special hose with a cleaning head is inserted to apply 7,000 psi up to 60,000 psi of water pressure to the line. Usually, several passes are made to thoroughly clean any tough blockages like tree roots or grease. Once the line is cleaned, the sewer line is inspected once again to ensure all buildup has been removed.

Your Home’s Plumbing Is A Priority, Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

If you’re worried about flooded floors being added to your home maintenance list, then it’s time to contact a professional plumber. Plumbers can put your troubles at ease, as they’re trained to identify the problem, and repair or replace your plumbing safely and efficiently.

Don’t put off a clogged sewer and wait for it to work again – call a plumber or specialist at Lake Cook Plumbing today!

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Ask a McHenry Plumber: What is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Ask a McHenry Plumber: What is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

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trenchless sewer repair

As a top-rated McHenry plumber, homeowners often ask us the question, “What is trenchless sewer repair?”

Trenchless Sewer Repair Defined

As the term states, trenchless sewer repair is a technique that allows us to repair sewers without having to dig trenches to get to them. Before trenchless techniques were developed, plumbers had to dig up large parts of people’s properties in order to remove old pipes and install new ones. It was a lengthy and costly procedure. Fortunately, there are two new techniques that minimize the need for digging:

  1. Pipe lining. With pipe lining, we insert a flexible tube that’s coated with resin into the old pipe. This tube is then inflated, and after a few hours, the resin sets and hardens into a new pipe within the pipe. The diameter of the pipe is reduced by approximately a quarter of an inch, but that doesn’t affect the draining capacity.
  2. Pipe bursting. With pipe bursting, a new pipe is pulled through the old one. As the pipe is pulled through, it puts pressure on the damaged pipe and breaks it outward.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

These new techniques come with considerable benefits to homeowners:

  • They minimize the need for digging. This saves a lot of time.
  • They cost less. The cost savings are considerable, since there’s less labor involved and property owners won’t have to replace all of their landscaping or paving after the job’s completed.
  • Both pipe lining and pipe bursting are extremely durable. Most plumbers provide warranties of between 10 and 50 years.
  • It adds value to your property. Installing new sewer pipes adds considerable value to your home, and you can expect significant ROI in the event you sell your home.

Call Lake Cook Plumbing, Your Trusted McHenry Plumber

If your sewer system is old or damaged, call Lake Cook Plumbing and ask about trenchless sewer repair. We’ve been providing top-notch plumbing services to homeowners in the McHenry area for more than 60 years, and we’re happy to help you enhance the health of your home’s plumbing system. So don’t wait: call Lake Cook Plumbing today!

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