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The Drawbacks of Using Drain Chemicals in Suburban Chicago

The Drawbacks of Using Drain Chemicals in Suburban Chicago

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Chemical Drain Cleaners Are NOT a Good Option


Sometimes, convenience isn’t always the best way to go.

When you are attending an outside event, typically outhouses are the only well-located option for a restroom in the area. But, just because they’re convenient, doesn’t mean you should use them. In fact, not many people actually want to use an outhouse, but do because of how easily accessible they can be.

The same thing goes for liquid drain cleaning chemicals. They’re convenient, as you can purchase them at any local supermarket. You may not want to use them, but you do because you think they’re the best option you have to clean your drain clog.

Well, Lake Cook Plumbing is here to tell you that they are not the best option, and will actually do more harm to your drains than good.

What’s So Bad About Chemical Drain Cleaners?

  1. They won’t save you money: The initial cost of a bottle of Drano is cheap in comparison to the cost you think you’ll be paying for a drain cleaning service call. But the more you use those cleaners, the worse your drains get. And, the worse they get, the more money you’ll end up paying to have them repaired or even replaced.
  2. Short-term solution for a long-term problem: Those drain chemicals will temporarily clear your clog, but won’t permanently get rid of them.
  3. They just aren’t effective: They won’t get rid of the big, troublesome clogs which are the ones that could seriously damage your pipes. Our drain snakes and water jetting services will efficiently clear and clean your plumbing.
  4. Drain chemicals erode your pipes: And, the more you use them, the worse off your pipes will be.


Don’t go with the convenient option – choose Lake Cook Plumbing to get those drain cleaner properly. Call us today, and we’ll be right over!

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