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Drain Tips for Buffalo Grove Homeowners

Drain Tips for Buffalo Grove Homeowners

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clogged drain and drain cleaning, what to look for with Lake Cook Plumbing in North Chicago.

When you call the Lake Cook Plumbing team, you know you’re getting the community’s best plumbing service at an affordable price.  Our drain experts will inspect, open, and clean your drains so that you’ll be up and running on the exact same day as your call.  You can make fixing your drain dilemma a matter of hours, not days!

But in the meantime, before you experience drain problems, how should you take care of your drains?  Forming the right habits can help your drains last longer and keep you healthier as a result.  Lake Cook wants you to have the best practices you need to keep your drains running smoothly, so here are some tips that our plumbers recommend:

  1. Stay Away from Chemical Treatment– Brand name drain cleaners like Drano can clear out clogs by eating through matter with nasty chemical reactions — but, over time, those products do a number of your drains themselves.  Chemical drain cleaners cause corrosion, which in turn leads to more clogs, so use organic cleaners like Bio-Clean instead!  Better for the environment and better for your home.
  2. When in Doubt, Throw it Out– Don’t ever flush absorptive hygienic products, and don’t ever pour grease or oil down your kitchen sink.  Accidents happen, of course: sometimes we get calls about a toilet clog caused by a hairbrush or a child’s toy, and those are simple to fix.  But having build-ups in your drains can cause larger problems, so choose your disposal messages wisely.
  3. Be Careful in Landscaping– Planting trees in your yard is a wonderful idea, but exercise caution: if a tree is too close to a sewer line, it’s roots will invade the pipe for nutrients and moisture. Tree roots in the sewer line cause leaks, clogs, and even disjointing, so you definitely don’t want them anywhere near your pipe seams.
  4. Perform Regular Maintenance– Even when we don’t have clogs, there can be problems with our drains.  Having a toilet that backs up repeatedly or a sink that doesn’t clear properly are signs your drains are suffering.  The Lake Cook experts can do treatments and even hydrojetting to restore your pipes and having your plumbing as good as new!

Follow these tips, and your clogs will be far and few between.  Drain problems?  Call Lake Cook Plumbing today for service!

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