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Eliminate Drain Backup in Highland Park, IL This Summer with Our Drain Cleaning Service!

Eliminate Drain Backup in Highland Park, IL This Summer with Our Drain Cleaning Service!

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Drain backup in Highland Park, IL is nothing the professional drain cleaners at Lake Cook Plumbing can’t handle. With over sixty years of experience serving the Highland Park, IL area, taking care of clog backups are almost second nature. Six years of service has given us plenty of opportunities to hone our craft and provide drain cleaning service that ensures you won’t experience issues with clogging any time soon. We have a wide range of solutions designed to handle any type of clog, from those tough grease buildups or those moments when you accidentally have an object land in your drains.

Drain cleaning is highly important in the summer, when you’re most likely not focusing on your plumbing and instead spending the season outdoors. Of course, our sixty years of service has also given us plenty of opportunities to meet with customers who simply waited too long to receive drain cleaning service. Some homeowners will think drain backups don’t pose a major threat to their plumbing system, but the truth is that it can prevent from using their fixtures and provide quite the inconvenience in your daily life.

If you truly want to avoid a plumbing catastrophe this summer, call us to fix drain backup in Highland Park, IL now and expect:

  • Service for All Types of Backup: Drain backup can appear in many forms—main drain backup, toilet backup, sewer backup, shower backup, etc. But if you think you have a backup we can’t fix, think again. We offer service for all sorts of drain backup in Highland Park, IL so no customer finds themselves on the short end of the stick.
  • High-Pressure Water Jetting: Our water jetting service will see us insert a hose high-pressure water down your drains which will then blast away any tough clog. Water jetting is incredibly useful in eliminating clogs that can’t be fixed by the use of a plunger, like grease buildup and tree root intrusion. It’s quick, effective, and guarantees your drains are spotless.
  • Helpful Drain Camera Inspection: Since most clogs are immediately visible, you need something extra in order to detect them and get them out. Our drain camera inspection can help you get a clearer look into the inner workings of your drainage system by inserting a small camera attached to a fiber optic cable down your drains. This will allow for quicker clog identification and eventual repair.

Contact Lake Cook Plumbing today if you don’t want drain backup in Highland Park, IL slowing down your summertime fun.

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