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Ask a Suburban Chicago Plumber: When is Excavation Necessary?

Ask a Suburban Chicago Plumber: When is Excavation Necessary?

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Sewer Repair Excavation: A Last Resort Method

There are two options in front of you when you have a sewer line problem: repair or replacement. When we come out to diagnose the problem, the option we choose depends on how severe a condition the line is in. In all cases where it’s possible, Lake Cook Plumbing will choose the repair route because it requires little to no excavation. However, not all situations can be that easy and there will be times when the only option we have is to replace the line. And, with replacement, does come some excavation. But know this: We won’t go ahead with the replacement/excavation unless we are absolutely positive that’s the only method that will efficiently fix your sewer problems. We want you to know what type of system we use to determine whether or not excavation is necessary.

How Lake Cook Plumbing Will Know You Need Excavation

  1. If mud, clay, or a shiny substance appears on the head of the drain snake: Groundwater can wash these materials into your line if there’s a rupture and then you’ll be dealing with a clog and a broken line.
  2. If you have a collapsed or sheared line
  3. If you have a serious tree root infiltration: Sometimes our water jets can clear tree root problems easily; other times, they are so badly damaged that the only thing we can do is replace the line all together.

Choose the company that will do everything in their power to try and prevent you needing excavation; choose Lake Cook Plumbing. Call us today!

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