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FAQ: Drain Snakes in Arlington Heights

FAQ: Drain Snakes in Arlington Heights

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Get Your Drain Snaking Questions Answered by the Experts

Q: How do drain snakes work?

A: A snake is a long coil that is dropped into a pipe until the blockage is reached. No matter how many bends or length of pipe there are, the coil can be led through the pipe until it reaches the issue. The operator then twists the snake handle in a clockwise manner where it firmly takes hold of the blockage. The blockage is twisted until clear from the troubled area. It is then flushed out of the system with cold water. As the clog doesn’t need to be removed back through the piping, once free it can continue into the main sewer line.

Q: Can I snake my own drains?

A: Yes, of course. Found at most hardware stores, snakes can be as complex and long as you need them to be. From a $3 sink snake that will clear localized clogs consisting of hair to a more elaborate system with twenty-five feet of coil that will cost, on average, $30. Please be advised, however, that the coil may damage pipe linings.

Q: When do I need a professional?

A: If you fear that the coil is damaging your pipe system or the coil isn’t finding the blockage, it may be time to contact a professional from Lake Cook Plumbing. Serving the Arlington Heights area and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a technician has state of the art snaking systems, camera technology, and water jetting that will disable a clog in a matter of minutes.

Q: Why is snaking necessary?

A: Sometimes your trusty plunger needs backup. The water won’t flow freely and you’re at wits end trying to clear the clog. A snake is an effective way to extend a line through the plumbing system and find the nuisance. Instead of bringing the nasty clog back up through the piping causing damage to the pipe interior, the snake can simply push the clog on; breaking it up and creating a free flow once more.

Q: What happens if a snake doesn’t clear the drain?

A: Sometimes, a clog is just too troublesome for a simple tug and push. It needs a little more oomph to continue on. With water jetting, a high-pressure water stream cuts through the clog and opens a clear path. This technique also saves any damage a snake might do to the pipe lining and restores it to a like-new condition.

Q: What types of drains can be snaked?

A: The answer is simply, all drains. Anywhere that water flows can ultimately become clogged and thus, be snaked. In the bathroom, the kitchen, or basement, drains are connected to your vast piping system with many bends and turns. Somewhere in that labyrinth, pipes are bound to get clogged. With a snake, it can twist and turn to free the blockage and move it along.

For more information on drain snaking, or to schedule an appointment, give Lake Cook Plumbing a call today!

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