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Get Sump Pump Repair in Glenview, IL When You Notice These Signs of Water Damage

Get Sump Pump Repair in Glenview, IL When You Notice These Signs of Water Damage

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You know what could be worse than experiencing basement flooding? Experiencing basement flooding with a sump pump that randomly decides to stop working. When flood waters threaten to turn your home into the next great water park, you need to call a professional for sump pump repair in Glenview, IL immediately. If you go without treating your troublesome sump pump, your basement may encounter water damage that will see you forced to spend up to thousands of dollars in restoration. Indoor air quality will also take a turn for the worst.

At Lake Cook Plumbing, we can help you avoid the stress that can come along with water damage by providing you with high-quality sump pump repair in Glenview, IL. We will restore your sump pump back to its old reliable self so it’s ready to take on any flood waters threatening to enter your home. Plus, getting your sump pump repaired will also guarantee you save so much more money, especially when you don’t have to worry about paying for water damage restoration.

When Should You Call for Sump Pump Repair in Glenview, IL?

Water damage can range in severity, from a few wet splotches in your basement to a huge mess that requires full-scale basement remodeling. Sump pumps can usually prevent any of these possibilities but when it’s not working, it may result in water damage presenting itself in your home in the following ways:

  • Mold & Mildew Growth: While it’s easy to focus on the physical damage flooding will create in your basement, the way it can impact your indoor air quality. Excess levels of moisture in your home can give rise to mold & mildew growth. Without a working sump pump to stop it, mold & mildew grow even more. Mold & mildew can be hazardous to breathe in, resulting in breathing and respiratory problems. If you notice significant growth of bacteria in your home, call for sump pump repair immediately.
  • Damp Walls and Floors: Are you noticing walls and floors getting damper and damper with seemingly no end in sight? If you own a wooden floor truss system, the sub floor is usually made of plywood and if it’s introduced to moisture, it will start to rot and leave your floor feeling soft or spongy. Sump pump problems will only allow water to eat away at your walls and floors even more, so make sure to get them fixed as soon as possible.
  • Musty, Unpleasant Odors: Excess levels of moisture in your home that lead to mold and other bacteria won’t exactly leave your home smelling all that great. Musty odors are one of the key indicators of water damage in your home, especially if your sump pump isn’t working to stop it. This can create an unpleasant in-home atmosphere that will leave anyone in your household gasping for fresh air.

Contact Lake Cook Plumbing today if you need sump pump repair in Glenview, IL that restore your sump pump and keep the threat of water damage down to a minimum.

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