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Leak Detection

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It’s the time of the month that you really dread: bill time. You see your water bill on the top of the pile and relax a little because you have a good idea of what the amount will be. So you open it, and are surprised to see that the number staring back at you is a lot higher than you expected.

You try and figure out what the possible cause could be. You know your family hasn’t been using more water, and you know the rates have not gone up. So, what could it be?

An unexpected, irregularly high water bill means that you have a water leak somewhere in your plumbing. It’s not always a good idea to wait until your bill comes in to realize you have a leak, so how else will you be able to tell? You need to call in Lake Cook Plumbing, your local Buffalo Grove and Suburban Chicago leak detection experts!

Signs You Have a Plumbing Leak

  1. You see mildew or moisture growing under the carpets
  2. You hear running water when there are no fixtures turned on
  3. You see cracks or hot spots on the floors

Once you recognize any of the above signs, it’s vital that you call in a Lake Cook Plumbing professional as soon as possible. Leaks are very time sensitive issues, so you don’t want to let them linger for too long.

Because many leaks are located underground, beneath foundations, or within walls, you don’t want to leave leak detection to just anyone. For some, it might be hard to detect the source without breaking through your property. But for us, we know how much of a hassle that can be. We use top-of-the-line leak detection methods to pinpoint the exact location and cause of the problem all while keeping your home intact.

Leak Detection Methods

  1. Video detection: This is our go-to option because it tells us all we need to know in a really simple, straightforward way.  We will send a fiber-optic cable down the entire length of your pipeline to get a clear picture of where the leak is. This allows our expert plumbers to determine the best course of action for repair.
  2. Infrared technology: This technique involves technicians scanning the inside of your pipes to get pictures depicting different temperatures. These temperatures help show where pipeline leaks are and where erosion voids are forming.
  3. Ultrasonic technology: This method, also known as acoustic emission detection, finds leaks using sound. Escaping liquids create an acoustic signal as they pass through holes in your pipes, so experienced technicians can detect and analyze those sounds to find out exactly where the water is leaking from.
  4. Smoke detection: Typically used as a last resort, this method involves pumping harmless smoke into your pipes and watching where it escapes.

We know – it’s not enough to just be able to locate the leak; we have to know how to fix it, too. At Lake Cook Plumbing, we have it down to a science! And, even better, much like the leak detection methods are destruction-free, so are the repair options.

There are two routes we could take when repairing your leak – pipe bursting and slip lining. Pipe bursting is when we send a piece of equipment with a cone-shaped head into your pipes so it can tear apart and push aside your old plumbing. Then, we attach new plumbing to the end of the device and pull it through the void, to make your pipes like new again.

Slip lining involves putting a smaller pipe within your larger existing pipe so that water can flow more freely – and leak free.

Leave leak detection to the experts – call Lake Cook Plumbing today!

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