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Need an Expert Plumber in Arlington Heights? Call Lake Cook!

Need an Expert Plumber in Arlington Heights? Call Lake Cook!

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What makes someone an expert plumber in Arlington Heights? Haven’t most dads come to the rescue and plunged an unseemly toilet or two? And haven’t all been face-to-face with the nasty hair monster collected at the bottom of the shower drain? You may have even fixed a leaky faucet or resealed a toilet.

Tackling any of these projects around your Arlington Heights home is no small feet. Kudos are certainly in order. But for the big jobs, like leak detection, bathroom and kitchen remodeling and emergency services, it’s best to reach out to an expert plumber in Arlington Heights. And when you’re looking for the best of the best, give Lake Cook Plumbing a call.

Why is Lake Cook the expert plumbing company in Arlington Heights?


  1. Experience: Lake Cook Plumbing has been serving families in Arlington Heights and beyond since 1954. After over 60 years in business, people know us. We’ve got a reputation for quality to uphold.
  1. Education: Since opening our doors, lots of companies have set up shop claiming to be professional plumbers in Arlington Heights. Equally as many companies have gone to the wayside because of a lack the commitment to education and certification. Lake Cook Plumbing’s staff are experts in their field and have the paperwork and know-how to prove it.
  1. Technology: Along with education comes the adoption of new technologies. New water filtration and softening products, more efficient toilets and high tech plumbing systems are coming to the market on a daily basis. Lake Cook Plumbing may have been around for while, but our technical skills and knowledge base are wholly modern.


Don’t call your friend’s friend when your pipes freeze and burst. Call an expert with an over 60-year tradition of excellence backing up their work. Call a plumber in Arlington Heights who is friendly and skilled. Call Lake Cook Plumbing.

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