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Why You Need Preventative Maintenance for Your Drains in Buffalo Grove

Why You Need Preventative Maintenance for Your Drains in Buffalo Grove

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Avoid Drain Clogs With a Professional Cleaning From Lake Cook Plumbing


We recently did a post about five ways you can prevent main line clogs from occurring in your home and while we are standing by those measures, we also want to throw one more out there – preventative maintenance performed by Lake Cook Plumbing.

There are only so many things you can do on your own to prevent clogs until it’s time to call in the professionals. When you choose to sign up for our preventative maintenance, we’ll start by coming out every so often to snake your drains.

The amount of times we have to come out, and the specific drains we’ll have to cable, will depend on the history of those pipes. Some clog more than others, or are in worse condition, and those are the ones we want to focus our efforts on!

However, if you find yourself needing this maintenance more than twice a year, you might have a larger problem that will need more attention than just a periodic cabling.

But if you aren’t sure whether long-term drain cleaning maintenance is for you, there are some factors you can consider to help make your decision easier.

Questions to Ask Before Signing Up For Long-Term Maintenance

  1. How many more years do you think you’ll be living in your home? This matters because you can use the number you come up with to find a maintenance vs. repair cost. From there, you can determine if the maintenance will be worth it.
  2. How much, if at all, will repairing the broken sewer line benefit you if/when you sell your home?
  3. How bad is your backup? Do you have water and sewage backing up into your home? If you do, then the drain cleaning method you are using now is not working and it would be time to consider a new one.


To sign up for preventative maintenance with a Lake Cook Plumbing expert, call us today!

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