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Ask a Suburban Buffalo Grove Plumbing Expert: What’s a Sewer Clean Out?

Ask a Suburban Buffalo Grove Plumbing Expert: What’s a Sewer Clean Out?

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Keep Drain Cleaning Costs Down With a Sewer Clean Out


If you haven’t thought too much about your sewer line in the past, and suddenly realized the importance maintaining it holds, then installing a sewer clean-out is the best thing you could do!

A clean-out is a part of a pipe that attaches to a riser tube, and makes finding your sewer line easy by providing a ground level opening. Trying to access and maintain your sewer line without a clean-out is a hefty process that could involve some excavation. Make it easy on yourself and just have a sewer clean-out installed.

If those reasons weren’t enough to convince you, maybe these will be.

Benefits of Having a Clean-Out in Your Buffalo Grove Home

  1. You’ll save money: Having a clean-out makes drain cleaning service calls cheaper. The more clean-outs you have, the less expensive the job will be.
  2. Flood prevention: You can activate the clean-out when it’s expected to rain or snow heavily and it will work to prevent your basement from flooding.
  3. Sewer line location: It helps to always know where your sewer line runs and with a clean-out you can do just that.
  4. Allows for visual inspections: These are important because our team at Lake Cook Plumbing can come in and easily perform a visual inspection on all of your fixtures to ensure everything is in proper working order.
  5. No guess work: Without a clean-out, finding the source of the problem could be a difficult task. A clean-out helps our plumbers to locate exactly where your problem is and repair it fairly easily.
  6. Clog blocker: It seems kind of redundant, doesn’t it? But, clean-outs help us clear your clogs by preventing them from getting buried too deep into your pipes.


If you don’t already have a clean-out installed in your home, it’s time you got on. Call Lake Cook Plumbing today!

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