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Sewer Line Repair in Mundelein

Sewer Line Repair in Mundelein

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Different Methods Can be Used to Repair Your Sewer Line

The sun shines brightly through your window. The spring day in Mundelein is filled with crisp air, bright sunshine, and what appears to be a foul smell coming from your front yard. Suddenly your day is filled with thoughts of expensive plumbing inspections and repairs. The toilet doesn’t flush and the plunger only creates more exasperation and a mess. You stare at the old oak shading your property and wonder if it is the deep planted roots blocking up your sewer system.

When plunging and drain snaking doesn’t clear the issue, it is time to beckon our technicians to inspect your pipes. Available all hours of the day and all days of the week, the professional, clean technicians at Lake Cook Plumbing will promptly arrive at your property, inspect the issue, offer a free estimate, and perform the work to your satisfaction.

What to Expect During a Sewer Line Repair

  1. Upon arrival, the technician will send a special drain camera into the piping to properly diagnose the location, size, and nature of the blockage. This technique saves the customer money in the long run as it doesn’t require excavation.
  2. If the issue is a simple blockage, usually caused by a tree root, our technician will be able to use high-pressured water to cut through. This method is called water jetting. It is non-evasive and leaves the pipes flowing like new.
  3. Sometimes, a simple unclogging isn’t enough and the sewer line needs to be replaced. As the lines are run deep underground, sometimes a small section of your yard or driveway will need to be dug into. Our technicians are sensitive to the affect this may have on your property. They will perform this work as inexpensively and with the least damage possible in order to repair the issue.
  4. If piping does need to be replaced, our technicians may be able to use a process called, slip lining. This process is non-evasive and uses the existing piping to lay a new sewer line. A smaller pipe is installed into a larger one. This process grouts the annular space between the two pipes and seals the ends presenting a free-flowing sewer system. This system is Lake Cook Plumbing’s preferred method, one in which our technicians can do quickly saving you money and time.

At Lake Cook Plumbing, the needs of the customer are our first priority. We have served Mundelin and the surrounding area since 1954. We are a no-nonsense company who feels that you, the customer, should focus on life not plumbing.

Any and all of your plumbing needs, from a clogged kitchen drain to a new sewer line, are handled with utmost importance every day of the year. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call us today!

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