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Sewer Line Replacement in Fox Lake

Sewer Line Replacement in Fox Lake

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Save Yourself Future Headaches and Replace Your Damaged Line

Your sewer line carries all the waste out of your home and into the city’s main line. So, when it gets ruptured or clogged, you know you’re in for a big mess. In most cases, a sewer main blockage can be cleared with the use of an auger. It will dislodge the clog and get your plumbing back to working like new again.

However, sometimes sewage problems run deeper than just a clog and a snake can’t always handle it. It’s those cases where we suggest replacement.

What Happens When Your Main Line Needs Replacement?

The first thing all of us here at Lake Cook Plumbing want you to know is that we always do a full inspection prior to suggesting replacement. We’ve seen a lot of clogged and broken sewer lines in our 60 years so we can tell pretty easily whether replacement is your best option.

With that said, the reality of a sewer line replacement can sometimes be scary, as it does require some excavation of your property. In order to reach the line appropriately, we may have to dig up some of your yard or driveway.

But, we make sure to clean up the area as best we can to get it back to the way we found it. And we take care of any and all permitting necessary for the job to keep your stress level as low as possible!

Benefits of Replacing Your Sewer Line

You may be thinking: Why would I ever agree to replace my sewer line with the mess I know it will cause?

While that is a valid concern, we want to assure you that the excavation is a temporary burden that will ultimately relieve you of additional ones down the line.

Having a sewage line that’s newly replaced will:

  1. Remain completely problem-free: Even the smallest issue – like a minor clog – will require professional help. Replacing the line should keep it in good, working condition for longer saving you the headache!
  2. Increase the value of your home: Buyers will see your home as more of an investment if they know you have a newer sewer line because they know they won’t have to deal with drain and sewage problems in the near future.
  3. Give you and your family peace of mind all the time!


Don’t stress about sewer line problems, just call Lake Cook Plumbing! We’re here to improve your day!

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