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Lake Cook Sewer Services

Lake Cook Plumbing Sewer Services

If you notice a sludgy mess in your yard or a foul odor near your home, there may be a problem with your sewer line. Almost every home in Lake Zurich and the surrounding area has a sewer line running to the underground city line. You probably don’t give this pipe much attention, until it suddenly stops doing its job. Pipe damage, a large blockage, or a broken vent stack can prevent waste from exiting your home, and will require sewer services.

At Lake Cook Plumbing, we have the experience and equipment necessary to get sewers in good condition again. Our fleet of trucks is ready. We even offer same day service for jobs that just can’t wait.

Problems with your sewer line could be hazardous to your health and dangerous for your property. Call (847) 450-0953 to speak to a Lake Cook plumber for sewer services right away.

Minimize Demolition & Digging with Slip Lining

Your sewer lines are deep under the ground, which means we may need to excavate to remedy a problem. We use slip lining whenever possible to minimize damage to your yard. Slip lining is a trenchless method where we install a brand new sewer line right inside of your existing one. We can grout the inside of the pipe to remove any open space and then seal the ends. This innovative method can make your sewer line operate like new and is relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, slip lining isn’t an option for all sewer projects.

Removing Blockages

If your sewer line is backed up, we have state-of-the-art cameras that we can guide down your drains to locate the problem. Our teams also carry heavy-duty drain snakes designed to break up those clogs and encourage a smoother flow in the pipes. In some cases, a blockage may be too big for snaking.

Tree roots can spread to your sewer system and affect its functionality. In some cases, roots can do so much damage that the entire system will need replacement. They naturally grow towards sewer pipes because of the nutrients, oxygen, and water contained inside.

Vent Stack Repair & Replacement

If the drains in your home are gurgling or if you can smell an unpleasant odor coming from these drains, there may be a problem with your vent stacks. The vent stack is a plumbing component that removes sewage from your pipes and pumps it out to your mainline. In addition, it manages air pressure in your pipes and releases sewer gases. When this component isn’t working, sewage odors start to move their way back up your pipes and into your house. Vent stack repairs should always be completed by a professional.

Do You Need to Replace Your Sewer Line?

You may need a full sewer line replacement if:

  • It backs up more than once a year
  • There are severe leaks in your line
  • Tree roots have severely inhibited sewer flow

Our Lake Zurich plumbers understand that a full sewer line replacement can be messy and inconvenient. While we may need to tear up your driveway or lawn for this project, we will do our best to keep the damage to a minimum. When we are done, we will not leave you with a torn-up yard. Lake Cook Plumbing will stick around and help restore your property to its original state as much as we can.

Call us today at (847) 450-0953 for all of your sewer replacement and repair needs.

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