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Storm Drain FAQs Answered by Your Suburban Chicago Plumbing Experts

Storm Drain FAQs Answered by Your Suburban Chicago Plumbing Experts

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Protect Your Investment With a Storm Drain


Q: What are storm drains?

A: Storm drains route groundwater to the storm system, away from your home, to prevent against flooding. They are embedded within your walls or foundation.

Q: How will I benefit from having them installed in my home?

A: There are a number of benefits that come with having a storm drain. The first is that they will relieve water pressure that could potentially build up in your walls or foundation. If that water is allowed to build up, it will result in a leak. Secondly, storm drains prevent water from heavy rain falls from getting into your home and causing a flood. You probably put a lot of money into finishing your basement and/or have precious mementos stored down there that you don’t want to get ruined. Storm drains ensure that those things stay dry. It’s important to protect your investment!

Q: What kinds of problems can storm drains experience?

A:  The most common one you’ll probably see is the buildup of silt. When silt accumulates, it can block the flow of groundwater getting to the storm drain. If no water is getting to the storm drain, then it has nowhere to go but back towards your house. This puts pressure on your walls and foundation, and will eventually lead to a leak.

Q: How can I prevent that from happening?

A: The best way is to have a clean-out installed. Clean-outs help reestablish a steady flow of water and get all your drains back to working normally. They also help to prevent silt from hardening which causes clogs. Another way to prevent silt build-up is to have Lake Cook Plumbing out to your home every now and again to service and maintain your storm drain. This way, we can catch any potential problems before they happen!

For any storm drain problems, don’t hesitate to call Lake Cook Plumbing today!

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