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Summertime Plumbing Tips for Lake Zurich Residents

Summertime Plumbing Tips for Lake Zurich Residents

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Summer’s here, and no matter what your plans are, you probably don’t want to spend entire weekends or vacation days taking care of your plumbing in Lake Zurich. That’s why the team of expert plumbers here at Lake Cook has decided to help you out with some easy plumbing tips.

Top Three Plumbing Tips

There can be all sorts of reasons you have a plumbing problem in Lake Zurich. The following tips are appropriate for some of the least serious issues you’ll encounter.

  1. Unclog a sink. Clogged sinks are a pain, but especially when you’re spending more time at home, they can easily occur. The reason sinks get clogged is usually that the everyday sludge that builds up in the drain from wastewater forms a big clog when you allow something bulky like a vegetable stalk to go down the drain. Fortunately, this is a relatively simple issue to fix. Remove as much water as possible from the sink, then pour a cup of baking soda into the drain. Next, pour a kettle of water into the drain, and when that’s drain away, another kettle of hot water. Finally, run the cold tap to flush out the drain. Remember to clean the sink thoroughly before using.
  2. Unclog a toilet. Yuck – the toilet’s clogged! This is an unpleasant and potentially unhygienic problem that needs to be taken care of right away. If you don’t own one already, purchase a plunger at your local hardware store. Position it over the drain, then move it up and down a couple of times. The suction will start to break up the clog. Repeat as many times as needed, then flush the toilet. Finally, clean the toilet bowl, and you’re all set.
  3. Stop the toilet from running. Sometimes, a toilet won’t stop running after you flush it. The reason that this happens is most often due to a broken flapper (the flapper is the piece of rubber that seals off the tank). Purchase a new flapper at a hardware store, remove the old one, and attach the new one.

Hopefully you won’t have to deal with more serious plumbing problems this summer, but if you do, call Lake Cook, you’re trusted Lake Zurich plumber!

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