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Sump Pump Replacement in Buffalo Grove

Sump Pump Replacement in Buffalo Grove

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You may find yourself this spring in your basement, knee deep in water and standing in front of your sump pump system. Clearly something is critically wrong, and you’ll need to call in the experts at Lake Cook Plumbing to find out why your sump pump failed you when you needed it most.

A broken sump pump can be difficult to spot before a major issue occurs. Since the pump is only working at capacity when flooding is occurring, you can’t really be sure it’s going to be able to handle the job unless you’re getting it serviced regularly. Your pump can fail for several reason: failing parts, clogs or motor issues can all cause a system failure that only results in a flooded basement for you.

If your sump pump is getting old, or has failed recently, simple repairs just won’t do. A repair that doesn’t address all the issues your system is having will only fail again, leaving you with a major mess to clean up. Trust in the plumbing experts at Lake Cook Plumbing to investigate your sump pump and determine if the unit needs to be replaced. Common issues that require a replacement include:

  • Motor Failure: Your sump pumps motor can burn out for several reasons, including overworking itself and general wear and tear. In some cases, it may be a better idea to simply replace the whole pump than to risk a repair which may not fully fix the problem.
  • Old Age: As your pump ages, it’s components and effectiveness drops. This can lead to only partial success when removing water from your basement, which as any homeowner knows, is not any real success at all. Older pumps need to be replaced as repairs will just be putting a very small bandage on the wound.
  • Too Small: If your pump is too small for your basement, it will never be able to meet the demand of a heavy flooding. These pumps need to be replaced with a unit that is perfect for your basement.

Basement flooding is a serious problem that homeowners will have to face as we move into the spring. Don’t leave your basement unguarded, count on the plumbing experts at Lake Cook Plumbing to put the right sump pump in your basement today.

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