5 Reasons to Call for Furnace Maintenance

5 Reasons to Call for Furnace Maintenance

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In our last blog, we helped you prepare your AC for the winter by shutting it down. Now it’s time to get your choice of heating ready for the winter. Illinois winters are known for being freezing and windy, so getting your furnace ready is very important. The period of downtime your furnace experiences over the summer can make it less efficient and reliable. By calling Lake Cook Plumbing and scheduling furnace maintenance, you can ensure your furnace will be ready to face the winter.

Here are five ways that getting furnace maintenance will benefit you this winter:


Determine if you need a replacement

It can be hard to determine how old your furnace is if you didn’t personally buy it. When we do maintenance work on your furnace, you’ll be able to learn how old it is and determine if a replacement is necessary. Getting your maintenance done as soon as possible can give you more time to shop around.


Extend your furnace’s life

You should never neglect your appliances and other systems. Furnaces that don’t get regular maintenance usually have shorter lifespans and use more energy to run. Also, breakdowns will be much more common and you’ll have to pay for their repairs.


Avoid dangerous gas leaks

If your furnace is a gas model, it’s extra important to keep it in good condition. If it gets damaged or worn down, it can produce deadly and odorless carbon monoxide. Also, having a damaged gas furnace puts you at risk of house fires from leaking flammable gasses.


Save money and avoid full repairs

Furnace maintenance costs money, but it’s nowhere near as much as a full replacement or repairs. Getting furnace maintenance let us find problems before they become furnace-stopping breakdowns. Avoiding these breakdowns will help you stay warm this winter and save money on major work.


Improve energy efficiency

A statistic from the Department of Energy says about half of a furnace owner’s energy usage comes from using the furnace. By getting regular maintenance, we can discover and prevent problems that would make your furnace inefficient. A well-optimized furnace uses about 30% less energy than usual.


What makes Lake Cook Plumbing my best choice for keeping my furnace in good shape?

Lake Cook Plumbing is here to offer the best furnace installation & repair that ensures you have an effective, efficient, and most importantly, safe heating system. We house the latest makes and models of furnaces so you have the chance of getting your hands on modern heating technology designed to give your family the highest level of comfort. Plus, we offer a wide range of repairs that meet any of your heating needs. Call Lake Cook Plumbing today to get your furnace ready for the winter!

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