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Tankless Water Heaters in Highland Park

Tankless Water Heaters in Highland Park

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Learn How You Can Benefit From a Tankless Water Heater

The time has come and the water heater your family trusted for many years needs to be replaced. In that time, your family has grown and as so have your needs for hot water. While there are many great options in storage tank water heaters, consider the benefits that a tankless water heater can provide.

How it Works

With storage tank water heaters, the hot water is stored in a large tank (usually forty or fifty gallons) and filled when the need arises. Tankless heaters on the other hand use coils to heat the water as needed. When you turn on the hot water tap, you get immediate hot water. No wait time and no running out. Tankless heaters can provide hot water for showers, clothes washing, kitchen sinks, and any other need. Point-of-Use models heat one or two fixtures and are mounted under a cabinet or in a closet. Whole-house units are also mounted, usually on a wall in the basement, and provide hot water for an entire household.

Benefits of Choosing Tankless

  • Added space.
  • On demand hot water.
  • Most units come with a federal tax rebate of $300 and are more efficient than storage tank models, cutting almost twenty percent from your water heating bill.
  • Tankless heaters also last five to ten years longer than storage tank models.

Drawbacks of Tankless Water Heaters

Natural gas whole-house units can cost up to three times as much as conventional heaters up front. Although you will have an unlimited supply of hot water there are limits to the volume when multiple fixtures are used at once. Some houses require a larger natural gas fuel line adding to the price along with adding vents. An electrical model might require an additional power circuit.

Despite the drawbacks, tankless water heaters will save you energy consumption and money in the overall lifetime of the heater. This means you will get more than your initial investment back in money savings. They last longer and are more efficient than a storage tank model.

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