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Top Ten Causes of Drain Clogs in Suburban Chicago

Top Ten Causes of Drain Clogs in Suburban Chicago

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At Lake Cook Plumbing, we take our job as drain cleaning experts very seriously. Because of that, we know how important it is for you as a homeowner to completely understand all the different reasons your drains can become clogged.


If you know how it happens, there might be ways for you to prevent it, and that’s something we know you would want!


Most Common Ways Your Drains Can Clog


  1. Incorrectly installed piping: Whether it was during your ownership or long before, if pipes were not originally connected properly, it can cause some problems down the line.
  2. Main line break: If you suspect you are having some serious plumbing issues, it’d be a good idea to check outside for a random pile of debris. That’s what happens when you have a break in your main line.
  3. Sagging sewer lines: This is a possibility if you have slow drains throughout your home.
  4. Collapsed sewer line: Unfortunately, this type of problem will cause multiple fixtures in your home to back up and will need immediate attention.
  5. Inappropriate food items in the kitchen drain: By putting too much stringy or starchy vegetables, potato peels, grease, or other difficult to grind food into your garbage disposal, you risk clogging it up or even breaking it.
  6. Flushed unauthorized items down the toilet: Things like children’s toys, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, and even too much toilet paper can easily clog up your toilet.
  7. Tree root infiltration: The is one of the most common, and most difficult, clogs we see. These little suckers get into your pipes, grow, expand, and eventually block your pipes so badly that nothing can flow through. If left unattended to, they can even rupture your line.
  8. Materials like mud, clay, or grass getting into the line: This happens when you have a puncture in the sewer line and groundwater washes these materials right in.
  9. Grease: As mentioned earlier, grease is something that shouldn’t be put down the drain in large amounts. Though hard to avoid, grease is hard to break up and will easily cause a clog.
  10. City sewer line gets left without maintenance: Even though this is something that you couldn’t have prevented, it would still result in some backups in your home. The city has to come and maintain the municipal sewer line in order to solve this problem.



Whatever the cause of your backup may be, trust that Lake Cook Plumbing can – and will – clear it. Call us today!

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