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Video Camera Inspection in Buffalo Grove

Video Camera Inspection in Buffalo Grove

  • Drain Cleaning

You can’t fix a plumbing problem you can’t see.  But luckily, our plumbers can see everything — using the latest in sewer camera technology.

Video camera inspection is an integral step in any plumbing repair.  You should never trust a plumber who comes to your home and tries to start any major work without pinpointing the precise location and type of problem.  Whenever the Lake Cook Plumbing experts go to a location, they come in a fully-stocked truck with this highly advanced video camera technology on board.  That’s because we know that your problems most likely lie underground, and we want to help you find them in the most efficient way possible.

Here’s how video camera inspection works:

  1. Our technician arrives at your house wielding the sewer camera and all of the tools necessarily for a routine drain clearing job.
  2. We find the access port that is the most convenient for our purposes — this depends on where you’re clog appears to be affecting you most.  Generally, this access port is in your basement.
  3. The plumber shuts off the sewer and water lines and cleans them so that they can clearly see what’s going on in your plumbing
  4. A camera tipped cable is threaded through the access port, and as the plumber maneuvers it through the pipes, an image of the pipe interior is displayed in real time.  From here we can see any issues: leaks, clogs, tree root intrusions, corrosion, pest infestation, collapses, and everything else.
  5. We determine what is wrong with your pipes using the information from the inspection, and from there we give you options on how to proceed.

It’s always better to know what you’re up against.  That’s why Lake Cook makes video camera inspection a priority, offering it as a complimentary service on eligible dispatches.  Once you see what’s going on inside of your plumbing, you’ll have a better understanding of all the headaches you’ve had with backups, standing water in drains, sewer odors, and so much more.  After your sewer camera inspection, you’ll have the opportunity to make your home happier and healthier using one of our many plumbing solutions!  Call today to have Lake Cook perform a video camera inspection for you today!

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