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Water Filtration in Zurich: Common Drinking Water Contaminants

Water Filtration in Zurich: Common Drinking Water Contaminants

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Because we work and live in Lake Zurich, we’re familiar with the terrain and water sources of the area. Lake Zurich’s water comes from ground water, such as streams, lakes, rivers, and several wells. Since this water is being pumped and blended from multiple wells, we know there could be many dangerous containments living in this drinking water that could put your family at serious risk.

Our trusted plumbers at Lake Cook Plumbing provide all the water filtration services you need to clean the drinking water for you and your family. Lake Zurich is known as a “family” town and when it comes to the water, we work to make the families in this community as safe as possible.

Therefore, we see it as part of our responsibility to advise you of these common drinking water contaminants that we eliminate for you:

  1. Microbial Contaminants: These viruses and bacteria come from surrounding agriculture, livestock, fish farms, and landfills.
  2. Inorganic Contaminants: These include metals, sand, and salts that are introduced to your water supply via every day city operations, like snow plowing, street salting/sanding, and road maintenance.
  3. Herbicides & Pesticides: Among the most common contaminants, these are introduced to your water supply from commercial farming and residential gardening.
  4. Synthetic & Volatile Organic Chemicals: These contaminants come from industrial manufacturing processes, oil and petroleum refining, and leaks in private septic tanks and gas stations.
  5. Radioactive Contaminants: These contaminants can be either man-made or natural. The mad-made ones come from the mining industry of petroleum refining. Natural ones include radon and radium.

Off that point, here are two of the most common chemicals found to contaminate potable water supplies and their dangerous effects:

  1. Radium: High levels of radium have been proven to cause an increase chance of bone, liver, and breast cancer.
  2. Strontium: Exposure to high levels of this chemical is known to cause bone growth problems in children, as well as nausea & skin irritation.

Reach out to our water specialists at Lake Cook Plumbing today to solve any of your water filtration problems in Zurich!

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