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Enjoy the Luxuries of a Water Heater Installation

Enjoy the Luxuries of a Water Heater Installation

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Water Heater Contractor Performing Water Heater Installation

Water heater installation will guarantee a steady flow of hot water in your home this fall and winter. But you need to avoid falling into the trap of buying the wrong water heater or else the consequences can be dire. Not having hot water during the colder months is already enough of a struggle, but you can also experience lower levels of energy efficiency. The wrong water heater may be working too hard, resulting frequent repairs and increased energy consumption. In some cases, the wrong water heater can result in water contamination that will directly put the well-being of your family at risk. Plus, when you consider an average of 200 deaths are reported by the Red Cross each year due to carbon monoxide exposure from fuel burning appliances like water heaters, installing the wrong model is not anything to take lightly, or you could cause a plumbing emergency. 

How Can Calling Lake Cook Help You?

Lake Cook should be your first choice for water heater installation this fall and winter. The comfort of homeowners will always be our highest priority, especially now that temperatures are cooling down. Whether you need water heater replacement or a new system entirely, our team of licensed plumbers will be there for you at all costs. Our services aim to cover a wide range of water heater needs so no homeowner is left stuck without hot water right when the colder weather arrives. We can guarantee you have a water heater that will provide you with amazing benefits like improved energy efficiency and longer lasting performance that will heat up water for years. The fall and winter may get chilly, but we can ensure your hot water heater needs will be met before the season truly gets underway.

6 Factors to Consider Before Installing

Even if you are feeling the temptation to simply rush out there and buy the closest water heater available, it is much better to think before you buy. Hastiness can also leave more room for mistakes and when it comes to water heating, mistakes aren’t anything you can afford. The next time you need water heater installation, please consider the following 6 factors so you get the absolute best:

  1. Water Heater Type: You wouldn’t just buy any random water heater and wish for the best, would you? We hope not. You need to take time and consider what type of water heater would be better for you. You have plenty of options including: conventional, tankless, solar, tankless coil, indirect, etc. Each type of water heater can provide you with their own benefits. Solar water heaters, for example, rely less on fuel, providing both hot water and a reduced carbon footprint.
  2. Water Heater Cost: The average cost of a water heater tank housing 40 to 50 gallons of water in 2016 is $889.00. The homeowner may feel inclined to purchase the most cost-efficient water heater available so they are not putting a huge dent in their savings. However, cost-efficiency may come at a risk. A lower-priced water heater may result in lower quality performance, making you spend money on repairs. You should make the assumption that cost-efficiency will result in a highly efficient water heater.
  3. Efficiency Rate: And speaking of efficiency, repairs will not be the only way you can lose money with your water heater. There is also the additional hassle of energy bills. Your water heater may work great, but you need to consider how much it will save you on energy costs. Hot water may not be so enjoyable if you are constantly worrying about how much it will cost you.
  4. Water Heater Size: If you simply install a water heater without any consideration to its size, it may result in reoccurring breakdowns, poor energy efficiency, and an inconsistent flow of hot water. It is important to have a plumbing contractor from Lake Cook inspect your home to determine what type of water heater will be able to fit within your home’s physical constraints.
  5. Fuel Type: Some of the more common fuel types for water heaters includes: gas, electricity, propane, solar power, etc. If the fuel for your current water heater is not providing the best results, you may want to consider switching water heater types that will use different fueling for more efficient performance. For example, if your electric water heater isn’t providing efficiency, one powered by gas may prove the better option.
  6. Hot Water Needs: If you have a larger number of occupants in your home, you need a water heater that will meet their needs accordingly. However, if you live alone, you may find yourself needing a smaller water heater. Even if hot water is essential, having a water heater that will provide more than necessary simply isn’t efficient in the long-run.

Enjoy The Comfort Of Warm Water All Winter – Schedule A Water Heater Installation Today

Contact Lake Cook today if you want hot water for all purposes thanks to our quick, helpful water heater installation!

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