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5 Tips for Water Heater Maintenance in Buffalo Grove, IL

5 Tips for Water Heater Maintenance in Buffalo Grove, IL

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Did you know that keeping up with water heater maintenance in Buffalo Grove, IL can actually increase its longevity and efficacy? It’s true! In fact, there are probably quite a few simple things you can do right now to make sure your access to hot water is never at risk. After all, though you might easily take it for granted, hot water is actually crucial to a lot of the things you do at home — and losing it means suffering through a lot of freezing cold showers. To avoid such an inconvenience, here are five quick and easy tips for water heater maintenance to ensure your showers in Buffalo Grove, IL are always nice and warm.

  1. Clear the tank of sediment: At least once a year, grab a 5-gallon bucket and use the drain valve to run some water out of the heater. This allows you to test just how much sediment has built up — if there’s a good amount built up in the bucket when it’s almost full, completely flush the tank by bringing the temperature down and fully emptying it. After it’s empty, run the water again for a little while to get the last few bits out.
  1. Do a visual inspection of the tank: Telltale signs that a gas water heater is acting up include soot and black residue on the metal. If you have an electric water heater, look for rusty patches. Both of these indicate that some more heavy maintenance from a professional may be required.
  1. Listen for unusual noises: If you hear cracking or popping noises coming from your water heater, that’s a sure sign that a large amount of sediment has built up. Flush your tank (see Tip #1) to ensure your access to hot water is not cut off.
  1. Check for leaks: If there are puddles around your water heater, there’s something wrong with a water supply connection somewhere. Check to make sure everything is tight and that the materials are good enough quality to hold everything together.
  1. Lower the water temperature: Keeping your water heater at a lower temperature can significantly increase its lifespan, and you probably won’t notice it at all. Keep it around 110 to save energy, money and the longevity of your heater.

While regular upkeep of your water heater can keep it from needing serious repairs or replacement, there’s not always an easy solution. When things get bad and you need serious, professional water heater maintenance in Buffalo Grove, IL, call Lake Cook Plumbing for efficient and high-quality service — otherwise, you might be taking quite a few more cold showers than you really want!

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