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Water Heater Too Hot? How To Fix It

Water Heater Too Hot? How To Fix It

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water heater that is too hot being fixed by Stewart Plumbing

The primary purpose of a water heater is to heat water for your enjoyment or appliances. But what happens when your water heater is too hot? 

Not only is this possibly hazardous for your skin, but a water heater that’s too hot can also indicate a larger issue. But there’s no need to worry. You can learn all about what the causes and their solutions to fix your water heater temperature. Learn how you can tackle this with some guidance mentioned below!

What Makes a Water Heater Too Hot and Their Solutions

High-Temperature Settings

Human error can be a common cause of the water heater being too hot. You or someone in your family may have set the temperature higher, leading to the water heater being too hot.


Inspect the thermostat and switch it to a lower setting to control the water heater’s temperature to your liking.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat is yet another culprit causing the water to be too hot. The thermostat controls the temperature levels of your water heaters. However, sometimes the temperature is set to what you want, but the water is still too hot. In this case, the problem lies with the thermostat being faulty or damaged. 


Try to lower the settings on your thermostat and check the result by running water on a nearby tap. If nothing changes, seek professional assistance.

Mineral Build-Up

City water supply often contains a high concentration of minerals. This mineral-dense water can cause mineral build-up inside the tank. This can impairs the functionality of your appliance, causing your water heater to be too hot or even too cold.

Advanced DIY Solution

Switch off the water heater and flush out its water to eliminate the minerals inside. Refill the heater with water again and turn it on. This is an important piece of water heater maintenance and should be done periodically to improve efficiency.

Defective Heating Elements

Defective heating elements can also be a culprit. If one of the heating elements becomes faulty, it could result in constant operation. This means that the water will be considerably overheater. 

Professional Solution Only

Corroded or damaged heating elements are responsible for the overheating problem. Replacing them entirely is the only situation to prevent this dilemma. Typically, this will result in a complete water heater replacement. This should never be done by yourself. An experienced and licensed professional plumber like Lake Cook Plumbing should be called to take care of this. 

Don’t hesitate to give Lake Cook Plumbing a call if your water heater is too hot. Check out what your neighbors have to say on our Google reviews!

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