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Water Jetting

Water Jetting In Buffalo Grove

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Water jets are a plumber’s favorite drain cleaning tool. And with their continued success rate – it’s no wonder! This powerful device pressurizes water up to 60,000 psi and forces it through your clogged up drains. If your drains are clogged or slow, water jetting in Buffalo Grove might be just what your pipes need.

These jets can cut through almost any obstructions within your drain line. And even more than that – they completely restore your pipes to their original condition, helping to prevent clogs in the near future.

  • Drainpipes inevitably become clogged over time. It’s an unavoidable fact of life—grease, hair, soap scum, sediment, sludge, and roots can inhibit the proper function of your drainage system and majorly inconvenience you in the process.

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Drain Treatment and Maintenance

Drain clogs are an inevitable part of being a homeowner. Grease, hair, soap scum, sediment, and even tree roots can hinder the proper function of your drainage system.

So, while it is true that when your drains are clogging up to the point of malfunction it’s time to call in the water jets, there is something you can do to avoid ever reaching that point. What is it, you ask? Bio-Clean.


Bio-Clean? What’s Bio-Clean?

  1. Bio-Clean is a harmless and natural blend of bacteria and special enzymes that generates no heat, no fumes, and doesn’t boil. It doesn’t affect living things to inorganic material, like your pipes. It only attacks organic wastes, like grease, hair, food particles, and sewage.
  2. The beauty of it is that Bio-Clean only takes an hour to start working. The bacteria and enzymes eat their way into the clog.
  3. Then, Bio-Clean digests the clog, allowing the clog-inducing matter to spread throughout your drainage system, cleaning it completely.


Bio-Clean Benefits

As if clearing out your clogged drains wasn’t enough, here are some more benefits:

  1. It eliminates the need to clean grease traps and cable drains.
  2. It eliminates the need to use dangerous and harmful chemicals.
  3. It eliminates the need to buy deodorant blocks and urinal cakes.

Though Bio-Clean is a good temporary solution, the real answer to your drain clog problems is water jetting. Call a Lake Cook Plumbing expert today!

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