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Water Leak Repair in Lake Zurich: What Causes Pipes to Leak?

Water Leak Repair in Lake Zurich: What Causes Pipes to Leak?

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There it is. A moist, leaking, or dripping pipe. As to why this is happening can be a mystery. The sure bet is if you do nothing, chances are the pipe will burst and cause a whole lot of water damage. Even a pipe that seems perfect one day can be found leaking the next. Some of the reasons why are explained below.


Water has the most corrosive effects on piping. Even if your region has the best water quality, there are still many reasons it can corrode pipes and cause a leak, requiring water leak repair in Lake Zurich. These include:

  • Water pH: Acidity is represented on the lower range of the pH scale. While 7 is neutral and pure, zero is the most acidic, while alkalinity is measured from 7 to 14. Copper pipes have a pH of 8. That might seem like a good thing and it is. It produces a film on the walls that slows corrosion. If the water has a lower pH, however, it can dissolve the film and create small pinholes in the pipe walls leaving the door open to water damage anywhere.
  • Oxygen: The oxygen that makes up about 30% of water triggers an electro-chemical reaction that converts the metal to rust. Over time, the metal gets thin and weak. Higher water temperatures accelerate the process. Corrosion-related leaks are therefore more common in hot water lines.


In piping systems where water pumps or circulates, turbulence can form. This is most common at turns and elbows, where water can change direction quickly. Even small obstacles such as excess solder can have an effect. The problem can be exacerbated if distribution lines are undersized or the circulation pump is too large for the system. At spots where there is turbulence, corrosion occurs as a result of erosion, or damage to the pipe wall over time due to the velocity and force of the water.

Unregulated Pressure

Improper installation of piping can make the water pressure too high. This can cause pipes to crack or even burst. Leaks may form just about anywhere. A pressure regulator can mitigate this problem.


A clog in a pipe can be caused by just about any material or object. If the water is draining slower than normal anywhere, get water leak repair in Lake Zurich immediately. Clogs will eventually cause plumbing joints to overflow and there you have leaky pipes that leave you with loads of water damage.

Call Lake Cook Plumbing today if you suspect a clog or see the slightest amount of water coming from your piping. It could be one of the reasons stated above. The point is to have an experienced plumber come correct the problem before you are in over your head with water damage and repairs.

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