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3 Signs You Need Water Line Replacement in Buffalo Grove

3 Signs You Need Water Line Replacement in Buffalo Grove

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In general, owning your own home, especially in a town like Buffalo Grove, really is the American Dream. There’s a reason it was ranked in the Top 50 Best Places to Live by CNN’s Money Magazine in 2013. http://time.com/money/2791464/46-buffalo-grove-il/

But when you suspect your Buffalo Grove home needs a water line replacement, apartment living takes on fresh appeal.

Keep the dream alive by knowing the signs you need a water line replacement.

1. Discolored Water

Rust-brown doesn’t sound like a pretty color and it certainly doesn’t look good coming out of your Buffalo Grove home’s faucets. Water discoloration could mean that the pipe that brings the water into your home, or water line, is corroded. Water lines buried in clay soil are especially susceptible to corrosion. Clay soils tend to have higher pH levels that are extremely damaging to pipes. There are a number of relatively inexpensive pH kits you can purchase that will enable you to test your soil.

2. Wet Spots

After a dry spell, check your lawn. Are there soggy spots in certain areas, but not others? A crack in the water line can lead to a pipe leak. The leaking water causes certain areas of your lawn to appear more lush and green than others. While your loan may appreciate the extra watering you most certainly will not.

3. Low to No Pressure

Water might be leaking out of the main line and hydrating your lawn before reaches your home. However, if you’re experiencing low to no water pressure, but you don’t notice water discoloration or wet spots on your lawn, it’s still a good idea to call Lake Cook Plumbing. Reduced water pressure is a symptom with multiple causes. Damaged water lines are definitely on the list, but if you’re not seeing the other symptoms, it could be a sign of a debris buildup or leak in the plumbing inside your Buffalo Grove home.

Now that you know the signs you need a water line replacement in Buffalo Grove, don’t hesitate to call Lake Cook Plumbing when you see them.

We all dream of hassle free homeownership, but at least for now you can rely on Lake Cook Plumbing’s hassle free customer service and exceptional workmanship. 

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