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4 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Illinois

4 Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection in Illinois

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sewer camera inspection in Illinois by Lake Cook

Are your plumbing systems acting strange? Is your toilet backing up despite not having an obvious clog? It might be time to call us for a sewer camera inspection in Illinois! Sewer cameras consist of a camera at one end of a long, flexible rod which connects to a computer to show a live feed of what’s inside your sewer pipes. Call our highly-skilled professionals, and we’ll be able to get your pipes cleaned out. But how does sticking a camera into your pipes help you get your pipes fixed?

Here are four ways a sewer camera inspection in Illinois can help solve your plumbing problems:


Get the right fix the first time

There are a variety of reasons your drain pipe may not be working. Things flushed down the toilet or the sink drain may have caused a blockage, tree roots might have grown into the pipe, or the sewer line may be cracked or disconnected. There’s also the possibility you have a water leak. Each problem requires its own unique solution, and a sewer line camera can help us figure out exactly what we need to do to fix it.


Avoid unnecessary digging

Usually the only way to get a good look at your pipes is to dig into your yard and look at the pipes. Not anymore! With sewer camera inspections, we can offer a non-intrusive way to look at your pipes without tearing up your garden.


Receive a reference video for insurance

When we check out your pipes with a sewer line camera, you also get a video of the footage for your own use. This can be useful if you have to explain to your insurance agency what happened.


Much cheaper

As well as being cheaper and faster than digging for pipes, a sewer camera inspection can help you locate early warning signs of bigger problems. By finding these issues and dealing with them quickly, you can save more money by not undergoing serious repairs.


What makes Lake Cook Plumbing my best bet for sewer repairs?

For 65 years, Lake Cook Plumbing has dedicated itself to building, repairing, and maintaining top-quality plumbing systems. Our employees are certified professionals who only use the best and most modern materials and equipment in their work. In addition, our professionals offer up-front pricing and flexible scheduling for their work. This way, you can be certain of the cost and get help exactly when you need it. If you need professionals to check your sewer pipes, call Lake Cook Plumbing today!

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