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Top 5 Causes of Drain Problems in Buffalo Grove

Top 5 Causes of Drain Problems in Buffalo Grove

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Drain clogs happen to everyone, it’s true.  But there are some habits we can form to make sure that they happen less so to ourselves.  For instance, since we know that grease tends to get caught on pipe interiors and cause flow problems, we know not to pour grease or fat down our drains.  Or, as another example: since we know that absorptive products can cause blockage problems for sewage drains, we know not to flush paper towels or feminine hygiene items down the toilet.

We can always help ourselves by being more informed.  That’s why Lake Cook Plumbing wants all Buffalo Grove, IL homeowners to understand the biggest threats to their drains and to act accordingly!  Whenever you have a drain or plumbing emergency, such as a sudden clog or main line back-up sending waste-water into your home, you know that you can call Lake Cook at any time and reach a live assistant.  For any and all of your plumbing needs, call Lake Cook today!  For now, arm yourself with knowledge:

The 5 Main Reasons for Drain Clogs

  1. Residue Build-Up– Over time, grease from our food, oil from our skin, and sediment from inside of our pipes tends to build up along the interior walls of your plumbing and restrict sewage flow.  To solve this problem, you need high water pressure drain cleaning.
  2. Tree Roots in Sewer Lines– The roots of trees are designed to seek out water and nutrients, and they often find them in our sewer lines by invading through the pipe seams.  Tree roots can cause clogs, leaks, and even collapse.
  3. Obstruction– Accidents happen.  Flushing an object down the toilet that isn’t supposed to be flushed is something that the Lake Cook Plumbing experts see all of the time.
  4. Main Line Break– Your sewer main line is what takes the sewage from your home and transfers it to the public system.  Having a flood or backup there can cause all of your plumbing fixtures to negatively react.
  5. Corrosion– Some pipe materials degrade with age.  If you have cast iron or Orangeburg pipes — which used to be popular many years ago — you may start having problems as they reach the end of their lifespan.

In the case of plumbing problems, always call the plumbing experts.  Call Lake Cook Plumbing for quality service today!

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